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How to support and expand economic opportunities for rural youth in Kenya (East Africa)

To give opportunity to young people (ages 18-30) in rural areas of Nessuit location in Kenya to practice Professional dairy farm

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The idea is to educate youth to have trust that farming is not for the old and retired people but can be practice be young as made a professional career with reasonable revenue to sustain them. The project will entail fundraising money to be able purchase at least 20 cows of high quality grade which will be distributed to among 20 serious, interesting in building career in farming and committed as youth to practice professional farming under closer mentorship

The idea will solve problems of negative attitude towards farming by youth and by fund raising funds to enable the training and facilitating ideas and ground work such as provision in service, visit to successful farming in good grade dairy cow within the region, all this will requires funds but upon training the impact in the minds of youth will changes and it can be implemented with little funds and the project can be sustainable after three years.


The Youth Will be able to earn and generate revenue from the sale and professionalized the farming and youth which has potential to improve from current through learning and research.


Weldon Korir. Patron of NELBEM KENYA, a community based organization in Kenya and a director of Rural Economic Resources Centre which assist the various rural based organization on volunteer basis to write project proposal on sustainable development, capacity building, start ups, not-for-profits.


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Example of successful modern farming at Mutunduri, about 5km from Embu town off the Embu-Nairobi highway, sits Tujenge Farm, a modern dairy outfit with towering credentials.

The model farm hosts 250 dairy cows and has extensively employed technology, some sourced from abroad, to reap maximum benefits

Projected Milk production(Nessuit youth Project)

Milk an average of 30 litres a day, sell locally for between Sh40 and Sh60 per litre,

The target is to begin with one cow per youth after training and exposure to successful farming and working on basic preparatory requirement for a dairy cow, the business  which will requires an investment of Sh200,000 (USD 2000)per person when starting and a close monitoring for almost one year with technical support by professional managers and veterinary officers.

Improved the cows’ management, with the feeds as the number of litres of milk collected hit upto 60 litres. The growth will reach sustainable level after 2-4 years and there real case study for youth to learn from.


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weldon korir Hi buddy,this seems to be a great idea.
However, it seems a little complicated. Could you please provide a sketch of the whole idea about how you intend to do all that?
I believe by establishing an imagery of the idea can provide some visual insight into your wonderful approach.

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Hi Weldon, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story with higher impact. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Click on the Add Image button under Make it Visual.

Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO!

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Very nice idea.

Please have a look of my idea too. If you are interested to join the team please let me know:

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@DeletedUser Ideas

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Geordie McClelland hi your comments/ideas or contribution towards improvement or success of this project

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Richard looking forward for your ideas or contribution towards improvement or success of this project.