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Go Nativo

Go from technology user to technology creator with our mobile technology education app available both offline and online.

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GoNativo empowers children and teenagers from developing nations with software development skills. Children download the app on their mobile phones/tablets or desktops and start learning. The contents are modulated and engaging as personalised avatars evolve as you evolve in knowledge and skills. Besides having content generated by experts based on the K12 framework by, we implement AI to make the learning experience adaptive. Our bots can assist you 24/7 in case you need help at odd hours and you can see the progress of your efforts with data analytics reports. Moreover, you can participate in solving one or many of 17 Sustainable Development Goals we face as a humanity for 2030, all while becoming a technology creator! We present real life challenges we face as a humanity and you can participate in solving those challenges with the skills you are learning with the app. Only 1 out of 10 children in emerging economies are considered digital natives (vs 8 out of 10 in developed nations). Access to basic things like internet, web devices or technology education content in their language worsens their situation. Moreover, there is a widening digital gap and increasing deficit of programmers worldwide. And on top of that, 90% of the world's population under 30 lives in emerging economies...If we don't empower our youth in the next years, inequality gaps will potentially leads millions of people into sustained poverty and the continuous vicious cycle of dependency.


Our beneficiaries are children, teenagers and schools. We are basing our educational content on the most recent framework developed by for K12 in the US ( We want high-quality technology education for everyone! Our app can be accessed both online and offline and is available for both web and mobile devices. We are partnering with organisations like BRCK to make this happen. We met them at the UN Convention in Kenya.


We are World Tech Makers, a technology education startup unleashing human potential in emerging economies. We pioneered on-site coding bootcamps in Latin America and are also working on Nativo Digital to decentralise high-quality tech education and level the odds of software creation worldwide.


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We have been around for 2 years now and have trained over 500 people with our on-site coding bootcamps. We are currently leading a project called with the World Bank and are also developing an app called to democratise coding bootcamps where people cannot pay thousands of dollars in tuition.

Internationally, we won MassChallenge in Boston in 2015 and got a SAFE investment from Tim Draper also last year. Our focus has been the bootcamps at 120% but we want to get allies and resources to pull off a team for Go Nativo, since right now we work on this idea only when time allows.

We have been working on design but would love to get support from IDEO's team. Together, we can empower millions of children in the next 5 years and beyond.

You can see a mockup of our app here: and if you see any way in which we can connect, create alliances or help you, let us know!


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Ilana Milkes this is exciting ..  it like having a for EA.... and that you chose to work with local startups such as brck .. also to note the digital program for primary schools just launch and Kenya Institute of Curriculum development hosts a local ed cloud and are thirsty for content. You might want to check out : @sustainable farm schools ( ) Maddie McCulla  ... curious to see a collabo.. 

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