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Girls Revolving Fund for Agricultural Income Generation

To provide agricultural fund (annual interest of 10%) for groups of unemployed and school drop-out girls in rural and urban Tanzania.

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To help the target group of girls to raise agricultural productivity and earn more income through formation of agricultural peer groups and provision of capital fund for specific projects selected by each group. This is a revolving fund, to be repaid with a 10% interest in 1 year. The fund will then be given to the next targeted groups. The funds will facilitate purchase of agricultural inputs, land renting, small-scale irrigation, animal, fish, poultry farming, produces marketing, etc. This ensures sustainability and expansion of the project. Community agricultural extension officers will train and provide continuous supportive supervision. The applying NGO (Women and Social Protection- WSP) will link the groups to markets. The idea solves the issues of unemployment and exclusion of marginalized girls, who were denied the rights to education and economic opportunities and mostly end up in poverty and undesired job as prostitution, low paying domestic and risky jobs. It will also solve the issue of girls’ rural-urban migration to seek employment and good living conditions. It will also reduce food insecurity and malnutrition. We will select two regions; a crop production, a livestock keeping and related business selected based on unemployment and girls' school drop out rates.


Direct beneficiaries are multiple categories of girls (age 18-35) mostly those who completed school at various levels but are not employed, uneducated and single mothers, divorced, widows; and those who dropped out of school for various reasons including the most common in Tanzania of early pregnancies, early marriage, long-distances to school and poverty in general. It also benefits girls' children, families, and communities. This will raise skills, income, food security and life standards.


Women and Social Protection Tanzania is a not-for profit organization implementing research and programs on social protection of poor and vulnerable women and girls. We are based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We collaborate with rural Civil Society Organizations and local government authorities.


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Attached is a bio of Dr. Flora Myamba and selected recent studies she has lead that relate to the proposed idea.


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Photo of Rugemalira

Hi Flora with your nice idea!.

Do you think that your innovation would work properly with ,Social Economical Development Through Agricultural Sustainability to extend employment to the youths in East African region?.
Check with my link.

Photo of Flora Myamba

Hi Rugemalira,
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my idea and comment on it.
Yes, I think this innovation can be extended thru E.Africa because most countries in the region and Sub-Sahara in general share some similar ratios of populations and gendered division of labor where more women than men   engage in agriculture; poverty levels among the majority agriculturalists, other social socioeconomic challenges including unemployment trends,school drop outs for girls/youths,  girls/women exclusion in education and development process, climatic changes and challenges which results into issues of low productivity, malnutrition and food insecurity,  cultural beliefs and practices, unimplemented policies, politics, and so forth. All these make it easier in replicating and hence extending a similar program in the region. Thank you for asking. Let's keep the discussion going! Flora.

Photo of Rugemalira

Thanks for your comment of reply. 
Now, could you please send me your email address, 
Mine is, so that we can get connected and share more experiences. 

Photo of John V. Kimario

Hi, Flora,  This is an interesting intervention specifically for the group of women you have targeted. My concern is the interest rate of 10%.  Is it not too high for them to realize a significant savings?  the cry against high interest rates imposed by financial houses in the country is truly a stumbling block for start ups...from your research what can be the best way out?  Thank you. John

Photo of Flora Myamba

Hi John,
Your interest and comment to my idea are greatly appreciated. To respond: I agree 10% can be quite large for some individuals however, the current market interest rate for loans in Tanzania is between 20 -30% per month. The 10% we are considering here is an annual interest rate, which is actually less than 1% interest per month. We thought this should be reasonable and has potential to facilitate responsibility, enthusiasm and hard working among the group members knowing they have a capital with interest to repay for the next person.  This also instills a sense of ownership of the program among the groups of girls. It also ensures sustainability of the program and room for program expansion to more groups through accumulated interests. Part of the interest will also enable recovering of administration and other costs instead of using the capital fund on such expenditures. We are happy to learn examples and experiences of best practices on this. Thank you once again. Flora.