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Youth Educational Diplomacy for Global Leadership

Educational Diplomacy provides Kenyan youth an opportunity to connect and experience service learning with youth from the United States.

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Educational Diplomacy is a service learning and leadership program that recognizes the need for experiential exchange of ideas that goes beyond the classroom. Youth from Kenya and the United States are connected through a two-way exchange that begins by identifying a problem within their community that has global implication and research for ways to solve that problem. The youth then propose a series of possible solutions one of which is selected and then during the summer students from the United States meet with Kenyan students to implement the solution. The Kenyan students visit the United States during the Spring for a follow-up and exposure to various global organizations. The United States tour includes an educational diplomacy series program where diplomats participate. Many Kenyan youths get trapped in a political system that has nurtured tribalism to the extent that innovation and talent development has become limited. Educational diplomacy program would expose young people to global experiences that would encourage them to reach beyond their tribes in finding solutions to their common problems including education, economic empowerment, and protecting the environment. During the program, students get an opportunity to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to better understand what their life is like rather than reading or being told about it; this can help the youth from both countries to examine their situation so as to understand.


Youth from rural areas in Kenya. The educational experience would facilitate an exchange of innovative ideas that would enhance leadership skills as well as sharing of village news stories that would help discover talent among young people who are making great contributions to developing their communities.


I am the founder of Global Connections Kenya, an organization that is part of the smart communities initiative. Global Connections Kenya goal is to bring together individuals who are interested in building global connections of understanding that would help mentor youth so as to empower them.


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A pilot project with students from Hopewell Valley Central High School, New Jersey has been quite successful in getting students actively participate in this short-term experiential learning to Kenya. The students have helped link two communities which have led to several projects to improve living conditions. The American students have returned with a broader perspective and understanding of global issues. Learn more about the program at

The following projects have been realized through the community organization that returning students have helped start in their school community. Learn more at

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Caroline Kenduywa

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"Talent and mentoring programs in the area of business and management."

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"Technology and use of virtual tools to nurture youth talent in the area of Information Technology. The brainchild of smart communities as well as creating platforms to enable youth to become globally connected. David is in charge of implementing the Alliance of Global Smart Communities Initiative to link youth as they develop their talent."


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This a great idea that I fully support. The programs not only develop global leadership skills for the youth but also develop social skills to accept multi-cultural and diversified backgrounds, understand the global area for social-economic development.

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Dr. Angwenyi, 

Great idea and one that I support fully. I think if Kenyan youth are given the opportunity to get involved in an educational diplomacy exchange, they can learn a great deal from their expereince and then transfer those skills back to Kenya. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your team.

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Hi Dr. David Angwenyi , great to have you onboard! We notice your post is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? Remember the deadline for the challenge is October 31, 12pm PDT! If you decide you'd like your idea to be visible and considered for the next phase of our Challenge, you can publish it by hitting the Publish Entry up there at the top of your post. Or update it first by hitting the Edit Contribution button. Any chance you have a few more images to go along with your submission? Adding images helps grab attention and tells a story with higher impact. Click on the Add Image button under Make it Visual. Looking forward to seeing more of you in conversations across this challenge!