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A conclusive, user friendly,Accessible and up to date system to help small holder farmers in e-technical, marketing ,insurance and recording

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We are building a digital platform that will act as a market platform, directory, record book, chatbox and technical guide. To fill the current gab where there is no direct connection between the industry players: farmers cant access information on technical, market or support service like insurance,input providers and buyers of farmers products dont know where to find farmers.Due to this the entire value chain does not provide opportunities to the youths,. our system considers everyone and will connect everyone.


Farmers will get information and market,buyers,service and input providers will be able to reach the farmers easily.during the entire value chain youths will get work during transportation,warehousing,marketing and also employment to execute some of our tasks. so all stakeholders in the industry and support industry like banks and insurance will benefit.


we are an organization"stevia kenya company" working to help smallholder farmers . we are based in Nairobi Kenya. our focus in to help farmers access quality information and market.


  • Kenya


  • Yes, for more than one year.


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year

We are building  a digital platform that will act as a market platform, directory, record book, chatbox and technical guide.

Market plant form.Buyers will build their profile once approved. They can access all products on offer. Other buyers will access the products in the kilimo soko.

Farmers will as well access this in their profile all the products they post will be categorized and posted in the soko. Including their farm profile.

We will be giving price reviews of the major markets and common products in Kenya

And will also provide analysis that will be guiding farmers on the seasons and demands.


To provide information of agricultural institutions, organization, regulators, companies, banks, Sacco’s,

Associations and input providers. Information given will be services/products they offer, locations and contact persons.

Record book.

Farmers will access all types of farm records. And enter all their daily production or activities.


Peer farming will set the categories so that they  share ideas, updates and experience.

Technical guide

Farmers will get access to technical know-how of all the projects.

for example they sms to our system Eg “AI IN BOMET” replies “call Kamau 071234567” “SPACING MANGOES” REPLIES “ 3X3” ….”AGROVET Mombasa” replies “wakulima shop-0733328881”

The website, USSD,interactive voice service  and ANDROID app will all be integrated to provide the same information or compliment the task of each other.


1. Crops

2. Livestock

3. Prices

d) E-technical

e) E-Records

  • Crop production
  • Livestock production
  • Labour records

Service provider directory.

1. Greenhouses

2. Irrigation

3. Breeders

4. Seedlings

5. Biogas

6. Solar

7. Borehole drilling

8. Transport

9. Agro vets

10. Machines

11. Tools and equipment

12. AI services

13. Agritours

14. Land

15. Learning institutions

16. Research organizations

17. Regulatory organizations

18. County agricultural officers

19. Farmers associations

20. Farmer support institutions

  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Sacco’s

 E- resource

  • e-book
  • book
  • video

our innovation will open up the entire value chain and demands more job opportunities for the young people. 


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impressive idea 

Photo of Nickly Kipkorir

thank you sir

Photo of Richard Chowning

Chamgei, tupchoni.  I am interested in your agri-tech project.  At the moment it seems to be a bit large, attempting to solve many problems.  You might do well to focus on a few areas and develop them well before expanding.  However, your first challenge will be to ascertain what your potential users/customers are struggling with the most.  This is not something that you can provide on your own, but you need to solicit their opinions via interviews or a survey.    

Photo of Nickly Kipkorir

Thank you Richard we have done research for over 5 years  identifying all the missing links and challenges for all industry players at the interest of the smallholder farmers. we have segmented our project on phases based on priority and dependence or relations between the project. for example phase one will cover marketing and input providers. at the moment we are developing prototypes and testing users views. As we develop our automated  data base which is very crucial  this is my email you can reach me we can see how we can work together: