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Back to the Land

Up the game of youths in East Africa (specifically in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda) through involvement in agriculture

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Majority of farmers in Uganda are 60 years and older. This is a threat to the future of agriculture in in East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda ) if not to the entire world. Sequel to the above, project 'Back to the land' is being contemplated which will sensitize youths to be involved in agriculture so as to increase food production. Efforts shall be made to involve East Africa youths through online campaign and conventional training. Youths are expected to be encouraged to participate in farming, add value to agriculture produce and increase the productivity so as to boost National Income in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. This will be done through new ways of farming like 'Green House'. Online window through the use of internet will be an opportunity to educate youths even from a far distance. Social media like: Facebook, LinkedIn,Google plus, WhatApp and so on are an avenue to bring you together even without physically present. Mr Paluku Kapiteni, lead researcher of the urban refugee issues at Bethsaida Community Church (A Uganda registered NGO/Church) and COORDINATOR NATIONAL for the urban emergencies and the well being of the refugee communities living in the urban centers will be my partner in this project.


Youths in the age bracket 18 to 30 years are the major beneficiaries. Youths from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda will learn new and improve ways of farming which later increase food production, add value to the agricultural produce and improve National Income of the above named countries. Youths will also be equipped with necessary information on exportation of agricultural produce in order to tap the untapped market.


I am the President General of Guildance Community Development Foundation in Nigeria working with youths in rural community of Iwo in Osun State of Nigeria . I am looking for collaborators in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda


  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


  • Not yet.


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year

Project back to the land is being proposed to be implemented in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya to increase involvement of youths in Agriculture through online and conventional training. Youths are recruited through social media like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, What App etc so as to equip them with necessary training, information and knowledge to prepare them for mechanize farming.

Through this project, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya as a countries are expected to have more than enough agricultural produce. On completion of the training, each participant would have acquired knowledge in new and improved ways of farming, food production and products packaging. Youths as agent of change begin to export excess food production to oversea while connecting buyers through internet and social media. Our organisation Guildance Community Development Foundation shall make available our experts to assist young farmers to start their sustainable farm. Effort will be made to partner with banks in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda to provide fund so as to enable young farmers to commence commercial farming.

Working in Partnership/Collaboration

Guildance Community Development Foundation is going to collaborate with: Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fishery,Local Non Governmental Organisations and commercial banks in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Schedule and Milestones

This programme shall take place for period of 1 year. Milestone will be reproducible and adaptable to needs assessment.

First year

Quarter 1

  • Identify major cities in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda where programmes will be conducted
  • Obtain approval from Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Production and Fishery in the above countries.
  • Do needs assessment and determine effective methods of communication
  • Organize logistics: fund, transport, communication, contracts, materials etc
  • Train 100 trainers to provide new farming methods training including education on sustainable farming.
  • Secure commitment of 5 experts to discuss at seminar.
  • Process evaluation.

Quarter 2

  •  Create Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, WhatApp etc
  •  Training on how to write winning proposal
  •  Liase with commercial banks in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda
  • Establish referral collaborations between Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda youths and commercial banks

Quarter 3

  • Organize seminars for 500 youths in major cities in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya
  • Master trainers will deliver training to 500 youths online
  • Conduct good monitoring and evaluation

Quarter 4

  • Administer knowledge/attitude/behaviour for post survey to 100 youths
  • Procurement of New and improved seeds for the use of farmers


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