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Agriculture Hubs

Partner and provide additional capital, materials and services to farmers with limited capital, knowledge, resources or information.

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Agriculture hub is a one stop space that seeks to partner with farmers in offering support services they lack such as financial support, trainings, workshops, market reach and research.


The farmers
-Young adults farmers
-Traditional Farmers

Access to a pool of services and financial help will empower the farmers to make full use of their lands resulting in higher harvests and thus food security to the society and the nation.


I am an entrepreneur and tech savvy individual championing for the empowerment of local farmers to adopt modern farming methods in achieving greater production.

My other team members have worked are experienced members in the field of Agriculture in Kenya


  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


  • Yes, for more than one year.


  • I’ve worked in a sector related to my idea for over a year

Josh (not his real name) is my friend from  college days. We met, and that time the bond that brought us together was the fact that we came from the rural area, and this was our first time spending several nights at the city.  We talked of our families, our values and dreams for a very long time.

Life after college was not so bad with both of us acquiring jobs within 6 months of completion. But our greatest concern was the salaries and job security. Our monthly wages could not allow us to have other investments and meet the family needs. We therefore lived on what we had and sent some money home for our parents to invest in subsistence farming.

Few weeks ago, my friend Josh lost his job due to market forces. This came at a time that he was considering shifting from his job into farming since the 2 acre piece of land back in Nyeri is capable of producing great harvest. Through his parents, he had planted the onions in a nursery and the plan was that his wages this month would see him hire the labor and buy farm inputs to plant the onions, but he lost his job. The company promised to give him a sendoff package but that as we came to discover is way below what he needed to proceed with planting. A big junk also went to service the bank loan he took previously to invest in tomato farming that did not go well due to causes that would have been prevented if he consulted a professional.

The past week, he spent his time moving from one agriculture and seed firms to the next asking for support and partnership in exchange for a share in profits but to no avail. Josh is afraid that his sendoff package might be invested in other needs without returns and this would handicap his 1 acre onions project.

The purpose of the Agriculture Hub is to invest in such people with limited capital, offering a pool of services from land preparations to reaching the markets with their products for a share in the profits. The services are to be provided by professionals to ensure that nothing goes wrong along the way.

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Well put Scott.

As an expert in Agroforestry and Rural Development in with over 4 years of experience , interacting directly both with the small scale  farmerand policy makers, i can testify that great rifts exist in the value chain that would see us through the dream of referring to Agriculture as the backbone of our economy/society. A review of potential solutions still navigates us to first boosting the very high potential production of the subsistence farmer families into a self reliant food secure families . The approach many take may not be good enough to serve even midterm let alone long term solution , since many offer only what these heal the wounds of this group of people as a result of the consequences of the failures in their own hard labored farm work . It's common to see relief foods, government crisis aids, NGOs trips in these rural areas only after media highlights on the death tolls resultant from these sad mistakes .  Some say and i believe , "...better train one how to fish than keep giving him fish. . . "  The technical, financial and moral support that would warrant a sustainable food secure farmer households in our society is by every obvious reason a cheaper investment into rejoining the missing links in the agricultural value chain thus such a hub as the brilliant idea birthed and championed by Scott and the team would go a long way into not only saving lives but also transforming the living both today and in the future .  Good work Scott