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Work experience as part of secondary education

A while back, we had the son of a manager visiting our office for a week, to experience the life in a workplace. This week was an integrated part of his education. Obviously, we created a nice program for him, so he got to see many facets.

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The program was divided in mornings and afternoons, and every 'period' he got to spend with someone in a different function. It was a lot of fun to have him around, and he did many different things. At that time, part of my job was figuring out if virtual worlds could be used to enhance our internal communication for a team spread out over many different countries. I arranged for one of my colleagues from the UK (I was based in Paris), to meet us in our corporate virtual world sandbox and give him some explanation.
Obviously, this was very interesting for a 15-year old, who even got to build a structure in our virtual world. (Not the one depicted above, but still).

All in all, the week he spend with us, really gave him some insights on how corporate offices work, and what different types of work and roles there are. I hope it helped him make his career choice.


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Wish I had done more work experience as a teenager to see multiple fields......

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