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Why is some people successful and some unsuccessful? A description by Malcom Gladwell

Three books that give young people a great panorama about what success really is and how to achieve it by telling the stories of outliers and their journey to the finish line.

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Malcom Gladwell is a british sociologist that wrote three books about success: "Outliers" , "The tipping point" and "Blink". All of them focus in convincing the reader that, in a world like today's, success may be defined by lucky strikes and random advantages. This pattern must be unfair to any extent, so Gladwell suggests things to focus on and things to dismiss while trying to build a successful career. 

These books are all very interesting and entertaining, filled with astonishing facts. I think every young person in the late college years should read them. 

Maybe colleges could teach students to use the unfair opportunities of today to their advantage in a way that their success stops being determined by luck. 

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