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Reality-Based Education

Almost all jobs are project-based. So why do we teach students to take tests? Education should be project based which will teach both soft and hard skills. Studio School is a great example of this

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Some kids learn by listening; others learn by doing. Geoff Mulgan gives a short introduction to the Studio School, a new kind of school in the UK where small teams of kids learn by working on projects that are, as Mulgan puts it, "for real."

Geoff Mulgan is director of the Young Foundation, a center for social innovation, social enterprise and public policy that pioneers ideas in fields such as aging, education and poverty reduction. He’s the founder of the think-tank Demos, and the author of "The Art of Public Strategy."


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I am right on board with this guy. The first person who ever counted did so because he/she went to get the pigs out of the pig pen. When you take three away you know there are seven left. This person knew in the heart how many pigs there were.

You don't really "know" until you experience it rather than memorize it.

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This is undoubtedly true Lyden but the two are not mutually exclusive, they in fact can complement each other. Memorization on its own is not enough but memorization in conjunction with understanding and experience can be very powerful.

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