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Practical Knowledge is More Important in Information Security field

Information security is emerging field in India. Lot of interest shown by students in this field but unfortunatly students are not equiped with the Skills needed for this field. Through practical knowledge is extremely important for this field.

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Information Security (Ethical Hacking) is emerging field in India. There are lots of opportunity in this field.
But good amount of tallent comming out from the colleges is not seen. Basically students are not having through technical knowledge. Some times we see teachers also failing to generate interest of students in lots of technical subjects.
For example Networking is important subject for the Information security field. But if some one asks basics of networking then also students are not able to give answers to it. The current method of teaching networking is totally therotical. The student mug the theory and strucutre of packets temporarly for the exam and then forget. Instead if they are taught with some applications visually showing they how the exact communication happened. They would understand what exactly happened. I remember showing a python langauge library (named scappy) in a teachers training workshop. The library has functions which can show exact steps in communication. The TCPIP packets which are used in that communication, and visual display for the packet. After seeing that lots of teachers were surprised and said if we show these kind of tools in teaching student would be very happy and they would understand better.
For the field of information security understanding TCPIP networking is basic foundation. Multiple areas of Information Security require this basic understanding of networking. Learning in areas like Network security , Web Application Security are totally depedend on sound the basic understanding of networking.
For example - If the person dont know how a TCPIP communication starts, he wont be able to understand the working of Firewall or other Network Security Devices.

Unother missconneception about Information Security is comming from word Hacker , the perception of Hacker is taken as of a Criminal by the normal people. Due to which students are not encouraged to learn hacking and related stuff. We need to educate teachers and student about the opportunities and skills needed in the Ethical hacking or Information Security field.


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