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Learning By Doing

Learning by Doing heightens exploration, engagement and empathy – blending soft and hard skills.

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A great little clip featuring students engaged in a learning by doing approach. Benefits of learning by doing are heightened understanding through active learning, gaining a sense of participatory iteration and opportunities for critical thinking.

Check out more insights on Learning for Extreme Empathy rom the design education sector. 

Does an emphasis on exam-based evaluation undermine opportunities to learn by doing? Are youth more likely to succeed in the workplace if they have been encouraged to learn by doing? How might we encourage more opportunities for learning by doing?


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Thanks for the inspiration, I think that encouraging the kids to do real life problem solving, allows them to explore and discover natural talents. Also to see the benefits of learning first hand, and to motivate them to push themselves to learn more outside of class. I think we also need to figure out how to attract better quality teachers and motivators to our schools. The classes where i had an engaging teacher and who wanted to push us was when I learned the most or had the most benefit. I grew up in Iowa where the education system was one of the better in the country, and still felt like the majority of the faculty was unmotivated and punching the clock. Maybe we can pose the question to the students of helping to create the lesson plans and give them more of an opportunity to get engaged.

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