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Kids program their own games using Scratch

Scratch prepares kids to deal with an overwhelming tech-oriented job market. It is a programming language that breaks code down into small, bite-sized units. Kids piece parts together to create their own games and interactive stories.

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There is a huge gulf between the demand for software engineers and the supply of great talent. For most young adults, the tech world seems overwhelming and intimating. While most young adults feel at home using a computer or smart phone, they don not feel confident that they can create the programming necessary to run their machines. They feel like they aren't "smart enough" to do that.

Scratch changes that equation. The software targets children as young as six, making programming a natural way to play. The open-source software also changes the preconceived notion about who belongs in the tech industry. There are all kinds of kids using Scratch all over the world. For children who are part of the community, programming isn't symbolic of a geeky, closeted culture full of inaccesible lingo. It is full of people just like them, whether they are a little girl in Mexico or a boy who loves animals in France.

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing markets, and we need systems that empower all kinds of people to work in it. Right now, it seems like only a select few are cut out to work in that industry. It's time for some change.


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