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Kickstarter for youth

Kickstarter is a website where projects receive crowd-based funding to bring people's ideas and concepts to production. Kickstarter handles the micro-investments, vets projects, and hosts a social space to communicate directly with investors.

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On Kickstarter, creative projects are funded by everyday people who pledge money because they want to see the project succeed.  Those who invest become part of the community around that project - they can comment, give advice, receive project updates, and based on their level of investment, will receive a gift or product from the completed project. 

I think this type of crowd-supported platform could work well for youth who have creative ideas but need support for implementation.  This would also allow the general public to invest directly in youth and provide advice and guidance within the community.


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The concept of is remarkable
I feel very impressed to see many people help each other
to support creative idea to make world be a better place

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