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Excelling in flux

The economic landscape is morphing and traditional education and approaches to employment are no longer entirely adequate. A new generation of initiatives based on collective empowerment are bridging the gap and redefining paths to success.

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There is a direct disconnect between current educational modalities, the employment landscape and the sociocultural dynamic of the emerging youth labor force.

· The majority of mainstream education is very linear in nature. As delivered, it does not encourage or promote a foundation for creative, out of the box thinking, hard applicable trade skills, or the fundamentals for laying the bedrock for the pursuit of self-created opportunity (entrepreneurialism).

· The realm of traditional corporate employment is becoming increasingly less attractive to the younger generations, as their cultures and underlying ethos’s are misaligned with the perspectives and morals of the youth entering the work force.

· Effecting change, having a positive impact, community, and substantial meaningful work are what inspires and drives an increasing percentage of the younger demographics

These are clearly gross generalities and countless exceptions exist, but these are the underlying trends I have observed amongst my fellow Gen Yer’s both domestically and abroad.

As is such, there is a zeitgeist unfolding amongst our ranks. A new model of self-education, communal support, and entrepreneurialism is emerging in the form of collaborative working environments and non-traditional development projects built around the notion of collaboration and cross-pollination. Here are a few initiatives that are about fostering and leveraging community to provide the tools and support base for success.

The Summit Series

The Unreasonable Institute

Bold Academy

The Glint

Y Combinator

Dog Patch Labs

Kaly Yala

Kundavi Earth Train

Journey of Action

Thiel Fellowship

Our generation is coming to re-realize the value of team playing. Amongst this demographic in flux, in numbers there exists the capacity to successfully take a venture or initiative from conception to fruition outside the realm of the cubicle. While the overall educational system may not have adapted yet to the times, these initiatives are certainly providing compelling stop gap measures that provide interesting models that could potentially be replicated and scaled.

This issue distills down to transition. A lack of purpose, community, and jobs is a killer trio. The type of aforementioned ventured popping up take aim at addressing these three issues. Through collective environments a community is formed, a mission is given legs, and opportunities are created.

To draw a parallel:

Watch what is transpiring with the returning veteran population in the US. This demographic is experiencing ramped unemployment despite having incredibly applicable skills and relevant experience. There issue is similar to the younger civilian populace, there is a cultural barrier. They are unable to effectively articulate and advocate how there skills apply to the private sector because they have not had experience in the sector. On the flip side the private side is unable to resonate to these veterans as they fail to draw the connection as to how skills obtained in the military can be of value in the work place. These two currently disjointed communities pose tremendous value to one another, and synergies are now, just starting to be identified by the mainstream. Here are some programs that are helping with the transition through providing, community, mission, and cross training:

Team Rubicon


Veteran Farm

Truman National Security Project

Huffington Post on the subject

Notice the similarities of underlying challenges the general young populace are facing.


Tom Brown’s Tracker School!

If you learn to survive in the wilderness, in the literal sense of the term, you acquire an unfaltering sense of self and unparalleled self-confidence that is applicable across every facet of your life from business to relationships. Experiences such as the ones offered at the Tracker School teach solution based operations and awareness. With these skills fewer people would flounder. This is the type of educational experiences young people should be having. Rights of passage, skill based, confidence building, and unconventional.

Tom Brown Tracker School

Another great program

Mike Horn

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Love this. This is also why I think playing competitive sports is very helpful for kids -- it helps them form good relationships and overcome adversity in order to achieve a common goal. Even though it is very conventional, I don't think we should dismiss how helpful they are in some kids' development.

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