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Education Revolution!

The Manifesto for the Education Revolution can be found on AERO! Jerry is passionate believer in learner centered educational options. Very much in line with Human Centered Design!

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Everything you wanted to know about different approaches to education can be found here.  They also have a school incubator program, which I would love to use to launch a school.  


Let's not reform education.
Let's revolutionize education.

Let's set aside the
decaying and decrepit schools
and education paradigms
of past eras and commit ourselves
to a new understanding of education
that recognizes humans as natural learners
and extends basic human rights to children
in their learning endeavors.

This magazine is committed to advancing theEducation Revolution by printing news and essays from around the world related to
issues of alternative education at the
intersection of culture, power, and learning.

Josh Cook, Editor, Education Revolution
Jerry Mintz, Director, AERO


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Hey Monera, it's been so exciting to share ideia with you! I just loved this manifesto and think this IS the way! I remembered a comment I posted about Education that reminded me so munh of our conversation... It was about Edgerd Morin and the 7 teachings necessary for education in the future a lot in line with it. it's on this link:

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or try this: