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Design Thinking Crash Course

This is a great introduction to Design Thinking

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to take this Design Thinking Crash Course.  It was a really fun introduction to design thinking.  I thought it was interesting to see how resistant people were to prototyping, but because their was limited time we were able to delve deep without judgement. Some came up with real solutions that were utilized within the same week. 
I do think exposing youth to design thinking will only make them better t-shaped people.  What is great about this particular unit is that it is self contained. Any teacher, student, club, group could use this process to explore the field. 

Personally I look forward to more meeting with our Design Thinking Meetup Group.  Everyone who attended was anxious to tackle their own problems with this process.  


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Love this - like the idea of having a solid creative process for people to use. Too often people think that creativity is a talent that only few have and some magical insight - this gives everyone access to their own creativity. It also sounds really practical - making ideas live, not just stuck on post-it notes... Nice one :)

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Completely agree with you Sarah on how most people believe they are not creative. Creativity is seen by many as something mysterious and reserved to only a few. I teach a course on design thinking for creative problem solving at NYU-Poly and I'm always surprised by how few people believe they can come up with creative ideas, and I'm always delighted to see that at the end most of them changed their mind.

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Am in complete agreement here AL and Sarah.

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