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Demonstrate skills and potential beyond school grades

OpenIDEO is a platform where contributors demonstrate their way of thinking and doing things - away from CVs and school grade systems, but visible to potential employers.

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OpenIDEO can expand the scope of information that employers can access in order to find the best candidate for a job. In many European countries and in many industries, application forms and CVs are still very standardized and focus on education and job experience - rather static information. Through collaborative platforms, employers may get a different, more dynamic view on candidates through their contributions, comments, and interaction - all transparent and visible.

IDEO, for example, suggests candidates to open an openIDEO profile and contribute - and make their profile name part of the application information.

I think I don't need to post a link to let people know where to find more information :-)


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I would say it is our responsibility to get the OpenIdeo credibility out there. If we attribute our success in the workplace to OpenIdeo, or if employers happen to notice a lot of game changers coming out of this community then we could develop a reputation even outside design/innovation industries.

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