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Career Theme Park

Creating scenarios and role-playing games to let children experience various occupations.

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Vicenç’s post “"Busca tu Norte": a project that helps youths to understand every job before they choose their job” reminded me of BabyBoss, a career theme park in Taiwan.

BabyBoss is a simulation city designed for kids from 3-12 to explore over 70 different occupations. In this city, there are various stations, such as fire department, gas station, pizza shop, etc. Parents walk their kids from station to station; they cannot enter these stations, but they can stand outside and take photos. At each station, kids will dress up (uniforms are provided), listen to the adult instructor’s brief lecture, and act out the occupation. Kids can earn salaries (tokens) from these stations, and they can save it in a bank or spend it at the souvenir shops.

In addition, every kid is issued a citizen ID. This ID can be used to access the kid’s personal occupation record online. From viewing the list of occupations your kid has completed, parents might be able to better understand where your kid’s interests lie. (Maybe we can also integrate other resources, such as personality assessment test?)


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Inspiring indeed – great share, Ting-Han!

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Thanks Meena!

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This is a great idea Ting-Han - that could be extended to higher primary levels too.
We have used theme parks to extend children's imagination, teach history, teach about the world (we used to have a great theme park on Antarctica here) but it is the first time I have seen an attempt to relate to current occupations.
It is a natural extension of the types of games that children begin to play as they become aware of the wider adult world around them

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I agree that theme park is a great way to extend children's imagination ... as well as adult's (for instance, Harry Potter's Theme Park). Theme park + occupation can have great potential if it can sparkle young people's interests and link them to resources to "dive deeper" into an occupation. To let a wider age group benefit from it, we might have to set different goals - For kids, the goal can simply be arising their curiosity. For teenagers, the goal may be showing them the more realistic sides.

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