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Building belief and confidence

Individuals often lack belief and confidence in their abilities. Simply reviewing the cycle 'belief-behave-become' analysing what this looks, sounds and feels like can help individuals realise the impact they create.

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Delivering training sessions by discussing what a groups negative beliefs about their potential lack of employability, knowledge and skills, then considering the behavious that may be felt and seen by others that will then re-enforce the original belief. if you believe you can or you belive you cannot - you are absolutely right. Belief-Behave-Become a self fullfilling proffecy Next get them to consider the impact of a changing their belief to all the positives around the employability, knowledge and skills they bring to the table, with these belief's what behaviours are seen and felt, what is the impact. It may be necessary to get groups to list all the things they like to do in their spare time, next consider what skills and knowledge are needed for these activities - this should bring out team working, communications, planning, managing time etc - all skills that they may not realise they actually have. This can be simply cooking a meal for themsleves and their friends, what is needed for example a decision on menu-what food, considerations of cost, current ingredients, cooking resources - 1 pot meal? time available, how it will be eaten - plates or finger food, any allergies, when and where to get adidtional ingredients (Sunday evening can be limited for choice and expensive) An alternative option would be to consider playing an online game with others - again evaluate the needs, wants, resources etc. Another option would be caring for a baby, toddler or parent for a weekend, what planning needs to happen, what skills are then needed, how will the time be filled, what activities will need to be arranged.

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