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Acknowledgment of your proactivity: the solid way to gain contacts

the most important skill you may need to a succesfull life is show that you are proactive in job.

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I spend some time asking people from different carrers what  they think is neccesary to have a succesfull work, the answer was not the most promising you may heard....

in colombia we use the term "palanca" to those contacts you have to gain a succesfull job or being promoted; "the lever that you need to impulse you to the top".

submitting  "palanca as a skill" as an inspirational may discourage people, so it won`t be an option.  it is very important say that there is nothing wrong about have contacts, social networking has become a very important tool to gain information vital for enterprises, find potential people or companies with similar interest than yours wich may help you to achieve your goals, or simply show what you have to offer to the world. Unfortunately not everybody can have the most convenient contacts to have the wished success.

then i asked myself:  "if you  don`t have relation with the CEO of a huge corporation" how you may create those contacts? How you become important part of these networks?

some of the people that i interviewed agree that the best skill you may have (even better than contacts ) is to show your proactivity on your work, employers really like when an employee shows his skills by themselves and are likely to innovate. 

when you show that you are good at what you are doing, people will notice that your skills are essential and they will have a better impresion of you, eventually you will become the contact that everybody wants. 

in my opinion, that`s the best way to gain contacts and reach the laboral top.

(special thanks to meena :) )


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I cannot agree more on that proactivity is really a must to find your way through in life. No one else is there to shape your evolution, but oneself; and yet everyone else is there to potentially listen to you and potentially do something about the reason why you may be interacting with them. I do believe that things happen because one makes them happen ... and proactivity is a requirement to walk along the the way. It's only about oneself networking, being proactive to understand gaps, to fill gaps, to open windows of exposure, to convince, etc. I do believe the concept has to integrate proactivity in a way or the other ... and not only on the candidate or entrepreneur side ... also on the other side ... companies do need the best people to contribute to society with the best products / services ...

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