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A story of an internship

Inspired by the video in the IDEO London team inspiration, I wanted to share the story of how my internship changed my ideas about my career.

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When I was in my final year of studies, I did an internship at a publishing house. I wanted to become a publisher, especially of literature and fiction, so it was a great place to get some experience. I really liked the job, especially on those days when I would get into the office, open a book and start reading. That was actually part of my work!

In the late 90's, the internet was still in it's infancy, and the publishing house wanted me to do some research and write a report on what possible impact this new technology could have on the industry.

I got very excited about the possibilities and the change that this technology could hold. But I also found out that the industry, and especially the segment I wanted to get in to, was very conservative. Change was bad, and new technology scary.

My internship opened my eyes. After it, I no longer wanted to by in the publishing industry. It was a very valuable experience.

How can we ensure that young people get the right view on their future jobs, so that they make the right decisions?


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Arjan, great question!
"How can we make sure that people can get re-educated later on in life if they find out after their 1st few years in the job that this specific job or industry isn't for them?"
Not sure whether I'll face this problem after a few years, but if I do find out that a specific job/industry isn't for me, then the next question might be - "Do I know what kind of job/industry I'm interested in?" If yes, how do I get there? If no, how do I figure out where my passion lies?

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