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A Circle of Support

Young people supporting other young people and holding each other accountable for outcomes during the job search

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Agreed, the job market is tough and can be especially difficult for young people right out of high school or college. However, there are opportunities available -either existing or yet to be created. On a close examination, you will find that the main thing that stands in the way between you and something you want ( a job in this instance) is yourself. As humans, we often sabotage ourselves and keep ourselves from the life we want to lead. A number of forces can be behind this- fear of failure, self-doubt, focusing on only the negative etc. 

Beyond the technical aspects ( a well-written resume and cover letter, references etc), the job search really requires relentless persistence and self-belief. You are constantly being shot down and it is very easy to fall into a pit of negativity. I think an essential part of this curriculum should include a peer support network- a circle of support.

What if I had a group of peers that were committed to my job search as if it was their own? On the same vein as microfinance groups, small groups of young people could support each other during the job search and hold each other accountable. Say I find out that I did not get a job and I am disheartened. Imagine I could call up my small group and have an empowering conversation with a peer who is committed to replenishing my motivation and to helping me find work. Imagine if took the individual job search and made it a shared group project. Now that would be powerful for everyone involved. 


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As a current college graduate, I agree with this idea. I have found myself discouraged and lost when entering the job searching process/world. Without the support group I have formed, overcoming obstacles and defending negativity would be nonexistent.

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Thanks for sharing your experience Laura. I have been in the workforce for over 9 years now and I still constantly reach out to my network for advice and support. I think we often forget that people really do want to help us to succeed, we simply need to ask and reciprocate.

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