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Work at StartupHostel. A hostel entirely run by young people for young people. Join or kick-off a start-up at your local hostel. Join or host a class. StartupHostel is both for the globetrotter and for the entrepreneur. Make it yours!

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The Globetrotter
Jasmine is 18 year old and unemployed. She doesn't like school and with unemployment rates soaring, there is little chance of her getting a job.

She has always dreamt of traveling in Chile and Peru, but with no money that dream is far away.

She sees the ad for StartupHostel and decides to check out She browses the different biographies. She finds a girl about her own age who now works in Buenos Aires. Through their website she can contact the girl who tells her about her experiences with StartupHostel. She too was unemployed, but with her heart set on traveling the world. With no money in her pocket StartupHostel was like a dream come true.

Jasmine is excited about the opportunity. She talks to her parents about it. They too have a look at and check out the 'for parents' section. There are a couple of references mentioned, and they decide to give the parents of a boy who went to Finland a call. They talk about the life changing experience StartupHostel was for their son. They are convinced, and they offer their full support to Jasmine.

She interviews for the Amsterdam hostel and gets a position. They offer her a place to stay and food + a little pocket money. When she starts she is given a mentor, Wang, who works in Tokyo. He has been with StartupHostel for two years and helps Jasmine settle into the whole StartupHostel organization. Every two weeks they connect via video calls to exchange experiences.

Jasmine works there for 6 months with other young people her age. The manager of the hostel is 21 years old and has worked there for 3 years. The atmosphere is amazing and the place is well run in all aspects. She makes a lot of new friends as well.

Through she stays in contact with her ever expanding network. She also subscribes to job openings in Peru and Chile. She has already been in contact with both of the hostels, so they know that she is interested. They have recommended her to take Spanish lessons, so she does that online in her spare time, and she practices with another StartupHostel member, Juan, who works with her in the Amsterdam hostel.

Jasmine starts out cleaning, then moves on to administration and finance, and she also does 2 months at the front desk. After 6 months she has collected enough points to qualify for a position in Santiago, Chile. She has heard good things about the hostel there as the chef in Amsterdam used to work in Chile.

She applies through and is lucky enough to get a position in Santiago and her adventure starts.

She keeps in contact with her parents through the portal as well. They are happy because their daughter is living out her dream and is getting valuable work experience at the same time.

3 months after arriving in Chile, Jasmine becomes the 'StartupHostel member of the month' and is featured on the website. Her parents can't believe how quickly it has all happened.

The local entrepreneur
Jay is studying mechanical engineering. He knows that the prospects of finding a job after he graduates are bleak, so he is keen to get involved in the local start-up community. One of his friends has been going to the local StartupHostel, so Jay decides to give it a try.

Before going he checks out and notices that there are 2 startups who are looking for people with his skill set, so he decides to go when they are meeting.

When he walks through the door to the hostel, he is immediately amazed at the vibe. People are flowing in and out of everywhere. Conversations in the reception. Something that looks like a class on rapid prototyping happening in one room, two guys discussing Android app development on a couch by the reception. Wow.

He finds the startup he is interested in. It so far consists of three people. Jasmine who works at the hostel and two guys. One of them happens to be a hostel guest who decided to stay around to work on the startup. Jay introduces himself and in no time is part of the startup. 

The global entrepreneur
David is a programmer and keen to meet other like minded people. He is on a low budget and finds StartupHostel. The books himself a 3 months stay in the Bali location, and sets off to join a hackathon the following week.

He goes there and gets involved with a lot of interesting people. He joins two startups, one of them sponsored by a company.

At the end of the three months, he is offered a position with the company and he sets off to conquer the world.

About StartupHostel
A global network of hostels that makes it possible for young people to work in different locations around the world. It also connects with the local community allowing startups and classes to take place.

People who work at the hostel can earn points/badges allowing them to travel to other hostels around the world.

An online platform supports both the people who work at the hostels, local communities who use the facilities and global entrepreneurs looking for a low cost location to network and hack away. This is where the points/badges are collected. This is also where most marketing is done attracting new people to the programme, and also where the hostel guests can book their stays.

Business Model
The attached file is the 1st cut on the business model. Below is an updated one:

### Key Partners
Hostels and Hostel Chains such as YHA in UK and YMCA and Hostelling International will provide the facilities and hostel staff or the hostel will be run by StartupHostel staff or a combination of the two.
Businesses (Startups & Companies) will perform trainings, sponsorship, and group bookings.
Guests (Freelancers & Individuals) will rent out the hostel and participate in events.

### Key Activities
Guests will come to the hostels to collaborate and learn while travelling the world. Businesses will host trainings that freelancers may attend. StartupHostel will host hackathons sponsored by businesses, perform recruitment to connect businesses up with talented guests for commission, and handle all public relations and requests on behalf of the partners.

### Key Resources
Living and working facilities to be provided by the Hostel, including beds, shared kitchen or catering, desks for work, and social areas.
StartupHostel staff at each hostel and online to handle all middleman management, including public relations, business sponsorship and recruitment deals, and guest requests and management.
Website to provide information, tickets to guests and group bookings to businesses, sponsorship information for businesses, press releases to media.
Online Platform to manage bookings and guests between hostels and the support and sales requests between them.

### Value Propositions
Guests are those giving up the 9-5 dredge to create and find work on things they care passionately about while acquiring in-demand skills and publicity through the hackathons and travelling the world all for cheaper than the average rent back home.
Businesses are those wanting early adopters and publicity through the hackathons and sponsorship, exceptionally rare talented hires through the recruitment, and training facilities on work holidays.
Hostels are those wanting to expand their userbase in new ways while receiving dedicated and ongoing publicity and clientele.

### Customer Relationships
Hostel relationships will be permanent. In the case we outgrow a hostel, we have the choice of moving to a bigger hostel or having multiple in the same location.
Guests stays will be between a few days to potentially forever. Guests will wish to travel between hostels at some point, and will more than likely be on and off. Average stay blocks will be few days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and then years due to visas.
Business relationships will likely be once off to multiple times with sponsorships and group bookings and ongoing with recruitment and trainings.
Maintaining good relations with all partners and ensuring all guests behave appropriately is critical for ongoing relations vital to the StartupHostel's health.

### Channels
Hackathons will generate small to tremendous publicity proportional to their size. The bigger it is, the more publicity needed. Partnerships with existing hackathons (such as AngelHack) will help here.
Ongoing growth will be seen from successful recruitments and startups, as well as facilitating existing local and global meetups, conferences, trainings, hackathons and startup scenes.
Website will be used to facilitate the above channels and used as the primary sales channel.

### Customer Segments
1. The globetrotter: The person who is willing to commit for a longer period of time against getting the opportunity to move to another hostel in another country.
2. The entrepreneur:  The person who might come for a single class on iOS development or for a few weeks/months to participate on a startup.
3. The hostel guests

### Cost Structure
This very much depends on the operating model. If a hostel partner is used it can be as simple as renting facilities and running the online platform.
If this is entirely run by StartupHostel it can be rent, staffing, utilities etc.

### Revenue Streams
This will be recouped via ticket sales to the guests, with the majority of revenue coming from hackathon sponsors, recruitment, and training and special event tickets. StartupHostel would use the proceeds to pay the StartupHostel staff and create new StartupHostels in other areas. Goverment grants for innovation will may also be feasible.

Thoughts on implementation
The concept needs further validation before it can be released into the wild. I have not been able to gather the input from the potential users or hostel organisations that I ideally would have wanted to. While the concept appears to hit home in terms of feasibility, viability and desirability it craves company and more feedback on all fronts.

I suggest to gather a group of young people (potential users). Find a hostel that is interested in further exploring the concept. Spend a few days iterating, exploring and refining the concept and then decide whether to go ahead or not.

An alternative would be to build from scratch similar to what collaborator Benjamin Lupton is attempting

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

They get to travel and experience other cultures They get valuable working experience They get a global network They learn about themselves and how they function working in teams. They have a place to live out their start-up dreams They have a multi-national community in their backyard that they can tap into

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

An online platform is in place to facilitate the point/badge system and the various hostels, open positions, booking of rooms etc. It will feature member biographies and make it easy for potential members and their families to evaluate whether StartupHostel is the right thing for them. It allows StartupHostel members to keep in contact with each other. It also allows them to keep in contact with their families. StartupHostel also facilitates various e-learning courses to their members to allow them to gain the necessary skills required to perform the different roles. StartupHostel also connects locally hosting classes and space for startups. StartupHostel could partner up with the likes of

My Virtual Team

Lydia Howland Meena Kadri Rob Perhamus Maymee Intanin Tara Gordon Andrew Li Carmen Sieverding Sandy Tayts Crewenna Dymond David Sylvia Erica Bjornsson Sasha Charlemagne Karolle Rabarison Robert Yawe Swany Velazquez Benjamin Lupton


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Wow. Thank you for the all the contributions, feedback and obviously the recognition. It is incredible inspiring and overwhelming.

Now, let's turn the concept into action. Anyone keen to help out, join, participate please send Benjamin an email at


Photo of Swany Velazquez

Congrats Simon and everyone that help you develop the idea even further! Well done... I am sending Benjamin and email if you need some extra help!

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Whoops, email wasn't working for a bit. All fixed now :)

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The email is still not working? Tried sending email.

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