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A multi dimensional training experience that brings together various individuals and bodies that can help young people carve promising futures

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  • A multi dimensional training experience that brings together various individuals and bodies that can help young people carve promising futures


16 - 24 year olds (seeking work)


Summer: after school/college term

Duration: 6 weeks - 4 weeks training + 2 weeks (min.) real work experience

Key contributors

  • Employers/businesses
  • Family & friends
  • Teachers
  • Youth training groups
  • Key influences
  • (music, fashion, sports icons etc.)
  • Local government

Benefits to contributors


  • Raw talent
  • Individuals still in ‘learning’ mode
  • Fresh ideas
  • Opportunity to positively mould young individuals
  • Reflection of youth market
  • Investment in the future generation


  • Sharing stories and knowledge
  • Financial contribution
  • Hope
  • Domino effect


  • Out of the box teaching experience
  • Opportunity to see results of the teaching time they invested


  • A different approach to the same problem
  • Opportunity to gain input from successful youngsters
  • (knowledge reciprocation)

➦KEY INFLUENCES (music, fashion, sports icons etc.)

  • Positive contribution to their young fanbase
  • Supporting new talent
  • Finding new sources of inspiration


  • Promise of long term economic prosperity of the local population

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Benefits to young people gaining the YOUTH training experience: - Exposure to various industries - Professionalism - Communication skills - Staying motivated - Teamwork - Speaking to mentors - Learning key skills - Opportunity to apply skills gained - Gain real industry experience - Access to a promising future

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Physical environement : Less talk more action! First 4 weeks DAILY DURATION: 7 hours (to make the sessions similar to a working day) SKILL OF THE DAY: Each day would cover a certain area of expertise/training – covering different industries and roles REAL WORK SCENARIOS Daily session structure: 1. Introduce Skill of the day and mentors 2. Kick off with a 20 min. presentation by the contributors 3. Brief rollout 4. Begin exercise - hands on experience, with mentoring 5. Mid-day lunch break 6. Continue exercise 7. End of day – share the results of the exercise Last 2 weeks Placement in the industry: Attendees are assigned placements in the industry (min. 2 weeks) ONLINE HUB - Attendees can apply to book a place - Connect with others - Share with friends - Contact mentors - See what placements are on offer - Learn about various industries - Share success stories - Maintain progress log

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Manjul - excellent concept. Much like Fraz recommended Outward Bound NZ, I suggest tapping into the lessons of the service-learning programs in different universities and communities. Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Your proposal is similar with the major difference that you are seeking to help youth develop skills and experience they need for long-term success in the world of work, as opposed to community service.

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