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Ultimate Skill Development Platform

Let's create global platform with courses. It could be closed cycle created by: - Business, where the requirements for concrete positions would be defined, - Universities, where courses would be created - Young People, who will learn

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If you want to be designer what skills should you possess? Or maybe you want to be an engineer? For young people it's very hard to tell.

Let's help them with not only that, but also with learning and practicing necessary skills.

My idea is based on 3 components:

- business,

- universities,

- young people,

Businesses need people with concrete skills.Most positions requirements are defined right now. What needs to be done Is putting it into one place. Requirements could be standardized and put into collaborative online platform. With big amount of data there could be global map of skill created.

Position: visual designer:

Requirements: creativity, art and design abilities, etc.

Skills: brainstorming, photoshop advanced, indesign advanced, html/css basic etc.

Then skill lists could be fulfilled by universities. Most of this is also done. Look at iTunesU, they published tons of courses and learning materials. What we could improve is (based on current state) create courses which would be almost only practical with division 20/80, 20% of theory, 80 % of practice. During course participant should create concrete work, which he/she could put into portfolio.

Young people could choose who the want to be, next the could find on UDSP what requirement should they fulfill and what skills possess. On the platform there would be information how to do that with courses and knowledge. Skills could be tested by both tests (like test) and (the most importantly) created portfolio of their work. This could be published on the platform.

Back to business. Companies next could hire people withadequate skill sets, and rate both courses, requirements and young's to validate how whole circle works.

Possibilities to develop that kind of platform are endless.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

1. Young people would know what should learn to get dreamed positions in the companies and do dreamed work. 2. They would have place where they could get necessary knowledge. 3. The could verify they knowledge and get needed portfolio.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Build portfolio and cerified skills (designed by real demand from the market).


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