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The magic tool to better know yourslef, your options and how to get there

In our search for work, we need to be aware of our abilities and preferences, and channel them the right way. How? An online app aggregating self-assessment tools to find the jobs that fit, and giving contacts doing those jobs to help you get there

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The idea is simple - aggregating existing and well established self-test methodologies, that not only figure your work preferences and abilities, but also suggest possible professions in your fields of interest. Making these accessible under one platform is a first step to give the young ideas of what they could do in life.

But what's new here? How can they actually use this knowledge to find a job?
An added layer - the process doesn't end with a test. The idea is that with the suggested professions, they will also receive a volunteer contact from the professions and industry of their interest, who they can chat with or skype, to ask questions on the role, the industry, the requirements and how to get there.

This idea is meant not only to give the young better insight on themselves and the options that exist, but also to have them to understand the career options better and the steps they need to take, and start off their networking with professionals in their field of interest.

How can this be executed? Adding this platform as an application to a network such as LinkedIn, as it has the needed reach and engagement of professionals and job seekers.
Why would volenteers do it? Social responsibility for one. And because people love talking about themselves and their jobs (assuming they like it). But not only. Specifically when it comes to undergrads, it could be in companies' interest to use it as a tool to locate young talents with a strong interest in their area.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

This concept answers two key aspects that effect the young's search for work: 1. Awareness of themselves and the options out there - One of the key things the young (and the older as well) struggle with is the sense of confusion as to where their interests and abilities can be leveraged in the professional world. Often, this confusion either leads them in the wrong direction, or leaves them numb and insecure, stalling their progress. Despite the existing tools out there to help cope with this confusion, they are not common practice and are usually found only when turning to University career counselors or for a high fee. Making the tools available is the first step to finding a job that fits them and betters with the young and with their prospective employers. 2. Familiarity with the options out there - We are aware of the options that we've been exposed to. But there are those that are out there that have never been brought to our attention, or that we do not fully understand? The best way to understand a job and the options that exist is ask the people who are already there. Unfortunately, most people do not have the people to ask. By giving access to professionals, the young can get to know the roles better, understand if that is what they want to do, and get insider knowledge as to how to get there. It's not only an eye opener, but can be used as a strong motivator to go and get it when you get inspired by talking to someone who enjoys their job.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

1. Online platform to facilitate this exploration, e.g. an app on LinkedIn 2. Professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds willing to engage with the young 3. The young's involvement and an ongoing encouragement to use these tools - without a mass of users renewed on a rolling basis, this idea will die out


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