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The "Great Employer" Register

Employers like to have "great employees". Lets create a register of "great employers"

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Employers usually ask for at least two references for applicants to positions offered together with CV and employment history. This helps them to choose the best and most suitable applicants.
Lets create a register of "great employers" large and small using criteria focused on such things as on-the-job training, meaningful mentorships, willingness to take risks, non-discrimination.
Existing and former employees could contribute scores against the criteria together with comments on their experience.
Applicants could assess employers against additional criteria such as courtesy in replies to applications, effective feedback from interviews etc.
It would need to be moderated to avoid outright slanderous contribution but meaningful feedback could be of benefit both to employers and prospective employees.

This could take the form of a  website that can identify these "great employers"
by location and industry in addition to desirable employer attributes.

If you think this is a good idea -
  • what criteria might need to be included?
  • would anonymity of contribution be important?
  • would it be useful to be able to ask questions of contributors?
  • should it be discretionary for contributors to make answers to questions public or private?

What other things should such a register contain?

Should it be global or tailored to a country/region etc.?

Bryan has pointed out that www, has many elements of this concept.
Glassdoor seems to focus on multinational and similar employers.

Do you think this "great employer" concept could perhaps be developed as a template for appraising and encouraging local employers?
Could it be made as an anonymous membership site/app which would allow contributors to update their opinions? 

Would it be appropriate to link to local chambers of commerce etc?

Whay about possibility of employer of the month/year?

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

In a market with a large pool of unemployed or underemployed labour employers enjoy the advantage of choice and selection. This might help prospective employees to know some things about prospective employers, that are not employer generated, in order to decide: - what can be expected from the employer; - how to evaluate the job description and criteria; - some things to anticipate and ask or confirm during interviews. It might also help young people understand the realities of being in the workplace. There is no particular emphasis on the level of employment so it would hopefully be useful regardless of the requirements of the positions available and encompass opportunities made available to school leavers and graduates alike.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Such a website might be supported by an app incorporating the search elements for mobile users.


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Check out I think what they have going on is a similar concept. Would it be worth it to develop something similar to that idea in the youth employment niche like you are suggesting? Thoughts on the cost/benefit of this endeavour?

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Thanks Bryan.
I didnt do any preliminary research for this one - just put it down as it came into my head. The link you have given is a great site that encompasses many of the thoughts I have had subsequently.
You are right that the cost benefit analysis would need to be done to determine value in competing.

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Do you have any ideas how this concept could be distinguished or morphed to provide value in the present context?
Or perhaps posting an alternative concept to enable applicants to appraise the benefits of working for particular companies, apart from salary?

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