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T.O.P - The Opportunity Project

Sometime what we need is a good opportunity that mostly doesn't come easy. The Opportunity Project is a one year apprentice/internship program that provide a strong base for the young so they're able to make the right decision for their future.

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Sometime what we need is a good opportunity. But most good opportunity doesn't come easy and cheap.

Every young people deserve an equal opportunity to get a job experience without any background or education requirement. The Opportunity Project is a one year apprentice/internship program providing real job experience and mentoring system for young people from age 15 to 24 years old. 

In the end of the program, the youngster is expected to develop enough resources to decide whether he/she wants to pursue college/university, to apply for the real job, or to start their own business. 


1. One year apprentice/internship program. 
There's no such thing as short cut to learn about real work life. 

2. Provide real job experience.
To get a full understanding about work life and all the skill in it, young people must experience the real work. We can't learn swimming only by reading a book.

3. For 15 to 24 years old.
T.O.P provided for the most sensitive working age which is 15 to 24 years old. Those who often failed in job interview at this age usually develop lack of confidence that can lead to other negative result.

4. Can be taken at any stage or age required.
T.O.P can be taken at any stage. e.g: after graduate from high school, in the middle of college, etc. And with input from Sabine (pls check comment below), there will be two choice of program. One can take a full program in only one job/corporate or for those who'd like to taste a bit of few job, they can take (max) three different job in one year program.

5. Focus on soft skill.
The main aim from this program is to develop the soft skill and building a good character for the youngster. When they are finish the program, they will get the report that focus on the soft skill.

6. Provided mentoring system.
Each job will be provided a mentoring system. I believe a good mentor will give a positive influence to the youngster.

7. Building network.
By working on a real job, youngster can develop a good network trough fellow workers or mentor. This network can be used for future development.

8. Given basic business knowledge.
In the end of the program, the youngster will develop a basic skill about simple business knowledge such as simple cash flow, etc. This knowledge can be used for future development. Whether he/she choose to pursue college/university, to apply for a real job or even to start their own business.

9. Bright Blue
Because that's how the young people should look at their future. Like a bright blue sky on the sunny day :)

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

T.O.P - The Opportunity Project is the bridge that provide real working experience, mentoring system, network, and real business knowledge. The youngster will be excepted in T.O.P without any working or education background requirements. This soft entrance will give the youngster a good start and build confidence. In the program they are also will not be judged by their working skill but rather their soft skill that leads to a good character. Skill can be taught, but character is what makes people strive and succeed.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The T.O.P website should work as the platform that connect and share information between the young people, the corporate, mentors and the alumni. The website will also provide stories from the alumni that share the experience and their success story. These stories will provide a good lesson for the young people to plan their life in advance. As a good will, the alumni are expected to become the next mentor.

My Virtual Team

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Photo of Meena Kadri

Great name, Mei – and fab illustrations! I'm loving the loop of alumni becoming mentors.

Photo of Meilati Batubara

Hi Meena, thank you for the comment :)

Photo of Katherine McEachern

I love this concept. I hope that when you say "apprentice/internship" you intend for the participants to be paid for their work. While it is a great learning experience, there will be many young people unable to afford to participate if they do not get paid. (Additionally, if they are doing real work, they are legally required to be paid.) Perhaps the companies provide a stipend?

Photo of Meilati Batubara

Hi Katherine, yes you're right. I suppose there should be some kind of allowance for them. Ideally those corporate who join this program should be given something in return. Tax reduction for example.

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