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Encourage young people to learn and develop skills by contributing to OpenIDEO

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Challenges have been tackled successfully at OpenIDEO. These challenges require different skills to solve and so there is little doubt that by participating and contributing at OpenIDEO young people can learn and develop several skills that will aid them in the world of work.  By Studying past OpenIDeator Insights and Professor Anne-Laure's  relections on being an OpenIDEATOR (  one can easily conclude that young people learn a lot when they contribute at OpenIDEO.(Also see: /fieldnotes/openideo-team-notes/openideouniversity/)

Some Reflections from OpenIDEATors.

“An amazing learning experience! Being part of this online community has taught me a lot – from small insights such as how to frame a question (always positively!) to introducing me to effective brainstorming techniques. I have often used the website as a source of inspiration in my own work and have learnt so much from the great multi-disciplinary mix of OpenIDEATORS who have widened my understanding of what design can be and what important issues it can can address…….

Charlotte Fliegner

"When I posted my early concepts, I felt a bit intimidated. I perceived each challenge as a competition. I couldn’t be more wrong! I got so many constructive and encouraging comments that I was really inspired to think more freely and creatively. And before I knew it, I was hooked. For me, the best part about every challenge has been the collaboration. The constant community dialogue has really helped enhance and advance my ideas. Participating in the OpenIDEO challenges has really helped change the way I perceive problems and think about solutions.

Priyanka Kodikal

" I've been amazed how engaged the community is and how much I've learned in just a couple of months on OpenIDEO. The way folks share their knowledge and resources on a challenge topic seems to have a snowball effect as the discussion gets rolling – if anything, it's a little overwhelming to see just how many creative inspirations and concepts are posted in response to a challenge.

Mike McDearmon

" The experience I had while working on the Amnesty Challenge was like nothing I’d ever been a part of. This OpenIDEO community is truly unique: it allows anyone, even if they don’t see themselves as designers, the opportunity to be a part of creating positive change in the world.

Jason George

Read some more in the pdf attached below.

What I am proposing here is that OpenIDEO is itself an amazing platform for young people to learn and develop skills and therefore, OpenIDEO can be considered as a practical solution to this challenge. Hence, it must promote itself exclusively to young people to encourage them to contribute and learn.

So what can OpenIDEO do to help young people contribute?

1. Create Three DIY Toolkits


OpenIDEO SchoolKit

OpenIDEO can develop a DIY toolkit for teachers and educators which provides guidelines on implementing OpenIDEO in schools or classrooms

OpenIDEO UniKit

OpenIDEO can develop a DIY toolkit for professors to implement OpenIDEO at universities.

OpenIDEO ClubKit

OpenIDEO can develop a DIY toolkit for students to open and run an “OpenIDEO club/association/society” on their campus

2. Add a Video tutorials section

OpenIDEO can create Video Tutorials demonstrating each aspect of the design thinking process and how to contribute to each part of the challenge. For example. How to Protoype ideas? These tutorials must be designed in a manner that enables anyone after viewing them to start contributing immediately.

3. Make an Inspiring documentary

A short inspiring documentary, demonstrating how OpenIDEATORs have learned by contributing to challenges, will spread awareness as well as motivate young people to contribute.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Young people will improve their creativity and problem solving skills It will enhance their ability to research and explore; and draw insights from their observations. It will help them become an integrative thinker. They will have the opportunity to create something and work in a cross-functional global team or community. Contributing will help them develop visualization and prototyping skills. It will help them learn not only to how develop IDEAS but also articulate them. They will learn how to build or enhance their IDEAs when they receive feedback by other members The above will help them develop design-thinking skills, which will surely help them in the world of work. As contributing involves collaboration, members will become better at collaborating (that too globally!). It will allow them to build a network through collaboration. They can be mentored by Seasoned OpenIDEO users as well as other experts on OpenIDEO. In addition to the above Contributing at OpenIDEO can also help young people develop number of Soft Skills such as team work, social intelligence; self-confidence ;overcoming the fear of failure and community spirit All these aspects will certainly enhance a member's job prospects and help them succeed in their work. Also, the fact that they have contributed to social challenge and are rewarded for it will boost their confidence and morale as they venture into the world of work.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

As OpenIDEO is an online platform, the concept is online based.

My Virtual Team

Possible Team. Haiyan OpenIDEO Professor Anne-Laure Fayard
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OpenIDEO SchoolKit Coverpage


Learning Experiences at OpenIDEO


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Congrats on this idea moving on to our Youth Employment Challenge Refinement phase Top 20!

The panel were flattered to see that people believe that OpenIDEO itself could be used as a tool to help young people build skills that will make them more employable in future. They were excited to explore the potential of using a social innovation platform like OpenIDEO in a classroom concept

The panel would love to hear from teachers about how they might integrate OpenIDEO into their lessons and curricula – it's already being used in a number of educational contexts, but mainly with University/College students rather than those of a school ages so we're intrigued to see what benefit it could be to younger people...

For more tips on how to iterate and prototype your idea during the Refinement phase, check this update on how the shortlist was chosen and and the Lowdown on Refinement:

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Thank you ! Thrilled to see this!!

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Brilliant idea! Here we all are getting creative by using the excellent OpenIDEO tool, but you are the first one to say "Hey, what about OpenIDEO itself?". Fabulous out-of-the-box thinking, and my guess is that will be something easy to implement.

Photo of Waris Misbah

Thanks Carole! By reading and reflecting on experiences of members at OpenIDEO, one can easily see that people do learn a lot by contributing to OpenIDEO! That made me think why cant OpenIDEO be a possible solution to this challenge !!

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What if instead of students contributing to OpenIDEO, which may be challenging to get them on the interface, we had teachers and parents collaborating together? When we discuss youth, it almost always has to do with their parents and the teachers who need to be influencers, and those two parties don't always interact. Would a service like OpenIDEO help bring everyone together to discuss job creation and employment? Teachers could announce when they need something done, and a parent could volunteer their child, so maybe it's little projects that become larger.

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