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ongoing conversation on local job vacancies - youth interest - needed skills

The ongoing conversation brings school - businesses - youth together to build joint insight in local job needs; skills that are needed for these jobs. Simultaneously it helps youth to learn about actual jobs and match it to their interests.

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Regularly a group of businesses in a certain segment (e.g. retail, industry, finance,...) come to the school. Here they discuss the type of job vacancies they foresee for the near future 1-3 years. The businesses need to have a specific description of the type of people they are looking for to make it as visual as possible for youth to understand what the job is about and what skills they need for it. (e.g. movies of people actually performing the job now). 
The youth then work in teams to discuss what skills they already learned to make them fit for the job. By really thinking from a specific job they get to translate the skills they learn at school to actual work situations. A mentor from a business supports the teams.
The school facilitates this conversation with the goal of learning how to better adapt their learning to prepare their students better for their future jobs.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

This type of conversation helps youth early in their study to translate the skills they learn at school to how they can apply it in real life work situations.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

online component is website with when, where information including results of earlier sessions in person component is the actual conversation where business and youth discuss future jobs together


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