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One-click company

Demolish bureaucracy and cut up the red tape; no matter where you are located. Want to start a company with your friend in Russia or just by yourself. One-click-company removes the non-sense and makes it dead simple to start your own business.

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Even if you have that great idea, sometimes the whole process of starting up a company can be too overwhelming. 

How to register? 
What about taxes?
Do I need a lawyer?
Do I need an import license?
Do I have to pay anything?
What if my business partner is located somewhere else - which country should we pick to start-up our business?
How do we employ others?

and so on.. Everything that takes focus away from bringing that great idea to market.

One-click company solves this and removes all the bureaucracy and makes it a seamless process no matter where you are located.

There is a user-forum where users can post questions and answers, share experiences and connect with each other.

All targeted, designed and aimed at young people around the world from Europe, US to Africa and South East Asia. Anywhere and everywhere.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

They bring the dream. One-click company will help them with everything else.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

An online platform potentially supported with a dial-in service.

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Fun idea. So what does the back-end look like? Who does the work? I know of a model in Sweden where freelancers and start-ups can start doin their work (consulting, selling their product, etc) while billing it through "the Company Company". That way you cut all the hassle and the time to market if you will, you just kick in and start billing :)
The actual model behind it is an employer-employee relation. The individual entrepreneur bills customers through the company and get their money as salary after a cut has been taken by the company. Would that be an option? Could it work globally? Interesting indeed!

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking that for it to work globally that it would almost have to be a government body running it behind the scenes. Governments would also have a strong incentive to get young people to work versus having to support them.

What is your view on government versus the employer-employee relation?

I have tried to open a company in Denmark. Even though it is fairly easy there is still a lot of room for improvement. When I opened the company I could find plenty of resources that would advice me how to open a company, but they wouldn't actually do the work (for free). This concept is that the back-end handles all the hazzle, you just need to focus on the product. AND it needs to be a consistent experience wherever you want to setup shop.