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Occupational Idol

Now that you got accepted to the job or your dreams, your employer wants to know what should be your area of expertise. The OpenIDEO Student Chapter at NYU-Poly believes that this is where the job-talent test, Occupational Idol, kicks in.

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Some people have multiple passions, and have many things that they love doing or love to do, therefore finding a test that shows you what you may or may not be good at may not be the final solution to your job search and finding your area of expertise . Also, sometimes people are talented in fields they do not feel passionate about. Some people, like myself, enjoy a good challenge, therefore going for what I am talented and can do easily, will not necessarily be my first career choice.

However, once you got into that company you really wanted to work for, or got the job of your dreams you might be asked to specialize in one field. For instance, as a design and innovation consultant, you may be asked to pick between non-profit, healthcare, product, marketing, branding, etc. This is where a talent test would be beneficial to both the employee AND the hiring company. Now that they know they hired the right person to fit their company, and now that the employee is passionate about working for this company, you want to know that they will do best in their job!

There are many components to the Occupational Idol. The first “round”, we want to call the Talent Quotient (TQ) Test where you showcase your interest and portfolio to a set of “judges” who will then judge if you are a fit to the organization and the culture. The second round is the “Eye-Opener” where the individual can develop a wide perspective of possibilities within the organization. Through this exploratory phase, they can find about different fields by observing teams at work. They can then sit down with mentors and ask themselves what resonated with them the most. The final round is the “Take off” where the individual can have access to the empowerment tool kit which consists of training, workshops, meetings with experts and specialists, networking events and one-on-one coaching.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

This test is beneficial to both you and your employer as it tells you what your talent is and how to match it to what you are passionate about. We hope that it helps young people to have self-discovery and an exploratory initiation to the world of work.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

We believe that in this case, we focused on the in-person interactions to allow the individuals to explore the different fields and passions before diving into one.

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