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Learning Landscape Infographic

A browsable, scalable infographic of a person's learning pathways, interlinked spheres of interest, mentors' influences, possible career trajectories, downloadable work samples, relevant organizations to aspire to, and causes to care about.

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The goal of the Learning Landscape Infographic is to be able to show prospective employers, mentors, and colleagues how you have come to develop your ideas, goals, and professional aspirations. It is a self-reflection tool for people to gauge where they are and springboard to future learning and working opportunities.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

The process of building the diagram itself is a crucial reflection point that is often overlooked when young people go out looking for careers. I strongly believe that finding the right job involves a high level of self-awareness. With students' learning pathways documented, e.g. how their interests, goals, mentors and priorities progress over time, it provides an educational tool for guidance counselors, advisors and future mentors to build on. Professionals can provide models of their learning landscapes for the next generation to learn how to make connections, reflect on meaningful experiences, and realize the value in documenting the process. The impact of a "visual learning safari" is in how a student can harness the power of LinkedIn, Behance, OpenIdeo, and other platforms to not only showcase their skills and strengths, but to find mentors who care about the same issues, who work in their desired industry, and who run the organizations that hire people with many different types of skills. We could encourage young people to discover and pursue the purposes, causes, and overarching human impact that they wish to contribute to, and then look at their strengths and skills to find a way to plug into it.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

I envision a candidate sitting next to a recruiting coordinator with the browsable infographic on an iPad, zooming in and out of the diagram. The applicant is describing how mentors have influenced their beliefs on certain subjects, how their experiences have led to different work opportunities, and giving visual evidence of why they are pursuing this job.

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I love this idea! I think sharing this type of format would inspire lots of people. Using this type of visual tool, people will be able to save so much time comparing different options and making important decisions.

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