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L.I.V.E. Your Dream - Know the company and position well before you take it

"L.I.V.E. Your Dream" is an online tool that... Helps employers write more specific job postings Assists job seekers define their dream job (based on LIFE STYLE, INTERESTS, VALUES, and EXPERTISE) And matches employers with job seekers

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During the Inspiration stage, I read Sarah's Real Advice for Recent Grads and find this line really inspiring "Careers are dead. Aim for a lifestyle and choose paid activities that support it." Life style is an important factor to consider when choosing careers. However, many job postings only mention the skills required for the position.

"L.I.V.E. Your Dream" is an online tool that guide employers to write more detailed  (but reader friendly) job postings. It divides the job postings into four sections - Life style, Interests, Values, and Expertise. In each section, there are several descriptions for the employers to choose from. For instance,
Life Style
- Work Hours (9-5, flexible hours)
- Work Locations (fixed location, work at home)
- Industry (Media Services, Health Care, Finance, etc)
- Job Function (IT, HR, PR, etc)
- Team Work, Individual Performances, etc
- Sustainability, Social Responsibility, etc
- Quality, Speed, etc
- Education
- Experience

The job seekers also have to answer their preferences for the sections mentioned above. "L.I.V.E. Your Dream" can cooperate with tools like What color is your Parachute ? Find your passion (FYP) toolkit to help job seekers reflect their desired Life style, Interests, and Values.

With all these data, "L.I.V.E. Your Dream" can match employers with job seekers based on Life Style, Interests, Values, and Expertise.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Helps young people discover whether mutual fit exists between the company and themselves.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Detailed job postings which talks about not only the skills and responsibility, but also the company's values and employee's life styles.

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