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Comfortability - helps prospective employees, existing employees and to employers

Going to the career training institutes or networking events can help them be smart. In my opinion "Working Smart Helps And Working Hard Works". We can make them confident of what they are doing or wants to, but being comfortable makes difference.

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Solution to every problem in the society comes form the society itself. We do not need to read books to solve or make it better. Observe the society and you will find the answer. My summary elaboration would be making the young prospective workforce to be comfortable. I came up with this idea from observing the existing people who are working and from my colleagues. My classmates are from 120 different nationalities and every nation has a different perspective and the employers of their own countries have different requirements. So I felt our or my recommendation should not be fancy and applauded but it should be feasible. I came up with the concept of COMFORTABLE. For example think of yourselves, if you are sitting on a chair which is not comfortable, your scope will be deviated and the purpose becomes vague or of course completed without the perfection you could do if you are comfortable. The same can be applied to the people in their workplace (not the chairs and furniture). Being comfortable at the work place helps you to be adaptable and once you are adapted to the environment you are working in, you can potentially give your best. For acquiring this skill, one do not need to go to any training institute or coaching classes and any other activity which involves some monetary transaction. My justification in this aspect would be, even if you do your MBA or any masters course, you can give your best. But how many people working are giving their best even after possessing some or other skills which help them get placed or which convince their employer. Also I feel my recommendation is 100% feasible and not country specific.  Go through this link and you mary feel that my recommendation is one of the mandatory skills 

If you are not comfortable at your workplace then the issue of productivity and hence the question of cost reduction arises resulting in the laid offs and recessions. So being comfortable and adaptable helps you forget about the duration of your efficient working and inefficient working. Finally helps make the inefficient working durations to be zero. 

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

I strongly feel my recommendation may not necessarily change the things the way they are but at least make some difference which the companies and the employers are looking for. Think of yourselves and compare my recommendation with whatever VERB your doing. For example, eating, drinking, partying, sleeping, standing or even dying (Funny but a fact). If you are not comfortable with what you are doing, then you, for sure cannot give your best. Another dimension of my recommendation can be viewed from the existing employees working. If they are not comfortable and adaptable, they may give some output but not always positive and shape themselves to be mechanical. So we can train the existing and the prospective students to be comfortable and adaptable to the environment. Also I can bet my recommendation does not involve substantial financial investment. We do not need highly qualified professionals or Doctorates to do this work. People who are concerned about the society can train the people to be comfortable and ultimately being adaptable. And if companies are looking for candidates who can deliver the best, could train the prospective employees of the company or include the sam topic in their existing training curriculum.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Mental perspective of the people is the important, crucial and critical skill which one should possess. Consider an example which you can compare yourself with. "Mr. X is a graduate with good honors GPA and good communication skills, with excellent command on the MS office, great maturity and other potential skills you feel the best. He/She could be a an asset to the company with the static skills of the employee. But if he/she is not comfortable of what he/she is doing, the output would be mechanical and the concept of innovation would be ZERO. If you are comfortable of whatever you are doing, I bet innovation will flood the company and also helps him to enhance his career and also enhance the platform(Employer) by making it successful and profitable. If the same person if working without comfort, he/she would be working as a machine without any freshness and with absolutely zero salvage value after certain period of time.


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