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A fun game designed to teach young adults and children office etiquette. The game includes exercises in practicing good communication, public speaking, handshakes, eye contact and other necessary social skills.

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The game comes with a board, a die, four player pieces and a set of interactive cards designed to teach you social skills. We geared the game towards the age group of 10 and up, in the hopes that by playing the game at a younger age the necessary skills will become habitual for the children who play the game.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

The game presents young people with the knowledge they need in a way that feels less like learning and so they are more likely to practice these behaviors in an actual environment. The cards are designed to present the information in a lighthearted way as to attract a wider audience and give the necessary skills without being boring or abrasive. We managed to make working in a boring office seem fun, which isn't all that easy.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The board game is an interactive solution to this problem that requires people to physically participate in order to learn. However, due to the nature of our solution, this necessity should not hinder the product's success. In order to attract an audience and make people want to play our game, we suggest packaging the game in a lightweight plastic box shaped like a briefcase, which not only ties in with the overarching theme of our project, but also allows for easy storage and is stylish enough to attract the occasional impulse buy in order to get our product off the ground. After the product gains popularity, through its usage in younger audiences it will be able to teach children these skills while they are still impressionable until they become habits, allowing them to prepare for their futures without even knowing it.


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Hi there!

I think this is a great approach to learning work-life / professional etiquette. Especially if made fun, but with real life tasks, e.g.: perform an interview style questionnaire, etc.

Really like the symbolic gesture of wrapping the box with a briefcase shape too!

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