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Generating KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) through Apprenticeship & Vocational Education

A two pronged system that allows young people to get on-the-job training in a company while attending a vocational school. This will help transform the youth population into a highly skilled workforce.

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How does this work?

This two pronged system allows students to attend vocational schools while
undertaking practical on-the-job training in a company. The end result is a
highly skilled workforce that is ready to contribute.

Apprentices (students who finish high school) are employed as a trainee in
a company. These apprentices go to school once or twice per week in a
classroom environment or online.

The company takes responsibility for the apprentices’ on-the-job training.
Vocational school is responsible for educating the apprentices by imparting
theoretical knowledge. The knowledge imparted by vocational schools will
include soft skills and trade specific skills. At the end of the two year
program, the apprentices generate a substantial amount of KASH (knowledge,
skills, attitude and habits) that allow them to be successful in the workforce.

The apprentices earn a small stipend from the company. They also earn a
certificate of completion from the vocational school once they pass the final


What are the key ingredients for the success of this program?

To successfully implement this system, the vocational schools and companies
would have to form partnerships. Industry specific associations have to partner
with their member companies to help the apprentices land jobs.


Where has this system worked?

Switzerland is a shining example of a county that has embraced the
two-pronged system and realized significant rewards. About 70 percent of young
people in Switzerland pursue apprenticeship education. As a result of this system,
Switzerland has 92 percent skilled workers compared to 60 percent in Europe. Also, Switzerland's youth unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

After the young people finish their apprenticeship and pass their final examination, they will be invited to become members of associations that are specific to their industry. These associations will jointly host a job website that facilitates matches between member companies and the pool of candidates who are looking for a job. The apprentices also have the opportunity to land a permanent job at the company where they received their training.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The industry associations will jointly host a website that would enable the certified apprentices to register and enable the member companies to post jobs ( a for apprentices).

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Great thoughts here, Manish – and loving your KASH acronym! Plus insightful stats from Switzerland.

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Thanks, Meena.

Interesting stats from India, a country that would benefit immensely from such a system. Every year 19 million students drop out of the education system after 8th grade to look for vocational training or employment.