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Extend your career horizon to another side of the planet

Speaking mother tongue English can be a real advantage in nations which value English education. In another world you may face a pool of surprising opportunities.

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This is one of the many institutions in Seoul which hire native English speakers and direct to individual schools or institutions those are in need. You will easily find the need for language teachers in most of developing nations including China.


Interesting yet unexpected opportunities may await you involving your major. A Korean-American friend with BFA from Prett, I met in a design agency, Intergram, during my internship days in Seoul, had 3 jobs. He contacted and showed his letter of recommendation to a professor who got a degree from the same university. He offered him a part-time lecturer position in a design course in his industrial design department, then introduced him to the design agency and he started working. Later he started teaching art & design to kids in English.


The world is big and opportunities are hidden. Your place may be hidden somewhere beyond the familiar horizon.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Extend the demension of the 'World' to head for the new world.

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Great provocation on unexpected opportunities, Minji!

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The guy from Prett's was an interesting case. Some mother tongue English speakers got jobs such as voice actor or bit player in major broadcasting stations. Sounds very interesting, but the problem here is that most of the jobs have no opportunities for growth. Young people may build up on these experience and add it up in their resume, if they are aiming a related job.