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Concept of Drag3ns - We seed triple headed multidisciplinary T3ams by ACHEIVE IT! We seed T3ams of young (16-26) peoples with iterative GAME on regular tinkering camps focusing on "learning by doing" approach + follow up on-line community programs.

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In the past all kind of business was seed by Individuals,

later Dual Headed Pairs leverage boom of technologies,

but today at Least Triple Headed Multi-Disciplinary T3ams

are needed to successfully drive social innovations wave.

Concept of - We seed triple headed multidisciplinary T3ams by ACHEIVE IT! We seed T3ams of young (16-26) peoples allowing to get early experience with entrepreneurship using iterative GAMING approach on regular one day tinkering camps in real physical places focusing on  "learning by doing" approach with strong follow up engagement in on-line community program.

We believe then by implementing ACHEIVE IT! we can effectively teach young to work in multidisciplinary teams and have better chance to get their first REAL job.


this is the our Drag3ns magic !

Accelerated Chemistry

Intuitive  Expressive Visualizations

E experience In T3ams

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Youths missing experience working in multidisciplinary teams (sales, marketing, tech, support) because in school they are ALL on same level of knowledge and age. Getting experience with multidisciplinary cooperation in small 3 headed teams will give them chance better select their job. Not only by satisfy their job preferences itself, but also by taking in account multidisciplinarity of their peers in it.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

- Tinkering camps (weekends), where young will form 3 headed multidisciplinary teams, receive tasks and be shown how Visualization methods can help them to solve task and teaming problems. - Follow up community website to help solve task and help them with teaming. PS: This is inspired by StartUP Weekends, but we just wan to build team by helping them complete small tasks, instead to "ramp up start up".

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