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Crowd-Commissioning for Young Artists and Young Art Lovers

Young artists might not feel secure enough to insist on getting paid for their work, or maybe they just don't know where to start. Young art lovers want art in their lives but don't have a ton of money to spend ... enter "crowd-commissioning."

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I'm proposing a crowdfunding/social networking site that will help young artists earn some extra money as they refine their skills, establish a fan base, connect and collaborate with other artists/art lovers and generally build up the know-how and confidence they need to transition from aspiring artist to professional artist.

What makes this site different than other crowdfunding sites, however, is that rather than the artists putting forth the idea and then asking for donations, the investor presents the idea and challenges independent artists to realize it.

Basically, an investor suggests a project like “I’d like to see someone put together a cover of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ but only using a cello, a banjo and a theremin.’” The investor puts up some money to kick things off, but then the rest of the community can chip in.

The investor sets up a time frame for the project, and then all the money accumulates in a pot. An artist can then browse the projects and find something he/she thinks they can do. They submit their interpretation of the project, and everyone who contributed money votes on the submission they like best.

The artists who submitted earn a percentage of money based on the percentage of votes they receive.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

This site is perfect for artists in school because a big part of the site is getting feedback to take into the professional world. Not to mention, the site gives artists the chance to monetize their school projects and learn how to market themselves in the digital realm. The most important thing, however, is creating a community where artists get paid doing what they love. No more starving artists!

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The site suggests proposed projects to artists and commissioners alike, helping people with similar styles connect with each other. The networking aspect allows commissioners to personally commission artists if they so choose -- a boon to an artist's confidence and pocketbook. Not to mention, the site could host virtual workshops, include localized forums to discuss free/cheap art events in your city, and provide a way for artists to present/sell their work. In short, this site is largely about changing the "starving artist" paradigm and working together to do so.


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