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Confidence Journey

To design a confidence diagnostic tool based on an appropriate academic model, like CIAO, to help young people understand the importance of and how to improve their confidence, motivation and resilience.

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As an organisation with a fairly new Service Design and Innovation Department Skills Development Scotland embarked on multiple ways of developing new ideas and prototyping within the organisation.  One such programme was carried out with Grays School of Art in Aberdeen.  The worked posted here was developed in partnerships with 3 of their design students.
Academic  foundations
Working with the students we explored various tools, books and academic models.  We closely researched the current methods of testing, enhancing and evolving motivation, optimism and resilience. 
From this research we decided to build an app, ‘confidence journey’, that would help support and make clear the importance of confidence, self efficacy, motivation, resilience, mindset and optimism when embarking on a career journey.

The user will complete quizzes in the following areas:
confidence, self efficacy, motivation, resilience, mindset and optimism
If scores are low they will be given links to other reading, contact details to a careers advisor or given mini games to play, which will help them score more highly the next time.

An origami paper boat guided by the stars
The theme of the app is a paper boat (made and up-loaded by the user) undertaking a journey across the virtual world, guided by a star map. The map grows the more quizzes that are taken and games are played.  This star chart is effectively a user progress map and gives an overview of how far the user has come in developing confidence, self efficacy, motivation, resilience, mindset and optimism. At the end of the journey the star map can be printed off to show to a careers advisor (or appropriate professional) for additional support should it be required.
The app  ‘confidence journey’ has been sectioned into 7 main key area:

Profile - this is where the user can give a little bit of information about themselves to allow other users to get to know them
Journey - this is where the users progress, via quizzes and games, through resilience, mindset, self efficacy, motivation and optimism.  All interaction will be recorded in a star map.
forum - this is the area that will allow users to chat to each other and also career/confidence experts
journal: this is the area where users will record how they are feeling and things which might have either boosted or depleted their confidence etc.
Instant chat: this is where members can chat in real time with other users and careers/confidence experts
minigames: this part of the app allows users to play games where themes are based around confidence building techniques etc
boost: periodically during the journey an origami lucky crane will fly on screen with a confidence boost, this could be an inspirational quote etc.
The app has been build to work across platform but the adopted channel would most probably be mobile. 

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

The ‘confidence journey’ app will do a number of things to support the young person make the transition into the world of work: 1) It will enable them to explore what motivates them and keeps them motivated 2) It will encourage them during times when they might feel overwhelmed or despondent 3) It will equip them to deal with knock-backs more positively 4) It will facilitate access to peers going through the same thing 5) It will give them access to careers experts who are fluent in the concept of confidence and are able to help them work through the results of the quizzes they’ve taken 6) It will give them a better understanding of how to interpret situations in positive way 7) It will give them techniques to stop negativity becoming a major factor All of the above are key to helping them manage their way through what is a very daunting and difficult process. Understanding how they cope/behave in relation to motivation, resilience, optimism, self efficacy and mindsets gives them a strong foundation to start from and build during their transition into the world of work. Importantly this app ‘confidence journey’ will enhance their understanding of who they are, the things that hold them back and how they might improve upon it.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

Skills Development Scotland, has 4 operating service channels; face to face, online, contact centre and live chat, therefore when designing tools we factor in all channels. Some of those channels are technical support channels (contact centre) so for the purpose of this prototype we focussed mainly on face to face and online (both mobile and computer based). Offline support for ‘confidence journey: Face to face support; users can print out their star map record and go through it with a careers advisor examining their scores in confidence, self efficacy, motivation, resilience, mindset and optimism. The careers advisor can then guide them to or go through more in-depth resources should they need further help in that area. Attitudinal flash cards Confidence Journey Board game to play with peers Confidence Boost Texts


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like the fact that the foundation to this concept is built on genuine user centric insight - the creative is good too, feels compelling and something that young people would use and propagate. Great stuff.

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