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Let's expand the current website to make it globally accessible by youth (and adults) in all countries where they can learn about themselves as well as search for and apply for recommended opportunities based on their assessment results.

The expanded website will feature a larger menu of tests including personality tests.  The Myers Briggs assessment (, can be used by individuals to assess their personality types and begin to understand those of others. This is invaluable for teamwork in the working world. Furthermore, career skill assessments and exploration tests such as Career Explorer ( allows for individuals to learn more about different careers. It is important to find the right career as that is a huge part of our happiness quotient. The website will have these assessments integrated and will capture the results.

After taking such assessments, the website would provide recommended opportunities to choose from. Much like the famous dating site,, the new and improved Global would use heavy-duty data mining and analytics to match prospects (any youth or adults) to all available opportunities.

The opportunities would be posted to this website by various organizations (small businesses, self-employed people, corporations, NGO's, charities, non-profits, schools, individuals, etc.). The opportunities should include internships, co-ops, entry-level full-time and part-time jobs, mid-level full-time and part-time jobs, job shadowing opportunities, mentoring opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. Any of these experiences can sow the seed of a budding career for a young individual. As importantly, these experiences, especially job shadowing, can teach a person what they don't like to do, and the process of elimination can be extremely enlightening.

The recommended list of opportunities will be sorted by category for the individual to choose from. Recommendations will be generated based on the best match to the personality, skills and career exploration test assessment results.

The individual will then choose either any recommended options they are interested in or search amongst all opportunities, by category, by country, by state, by city, etc.

Also, the website would feature a learning center where the individual can go to learn more about any skills or personality aspects where they found weaknesses or can go to learn about interviewing skills , resume or cover letter writing skills, for example.

Note: If is not interested in expanding this globally and for youth in the fashion aforementioned, then a new website would have to built to support this functionality. was chosen as it already has a few of the components discussed herein as well as listings of international job opportunities.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Young people will be able to explore and learn about themselves via the various self-assessments and therefore find a better match for the right opportunity and better figure out their future desired career path.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The analytics engine behind the website to match opportunities to the individual's preferences and skill sets will create the best recommendations possible for the individual to pursue. Instead of feeling around blind in a maze of potentially hidden opportunities, the individual will be able to make informed choices based on the presented recommendations.

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Great build on an existing platform, Rashel. Loving the idea of a learning center being included.