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1001 Ways to your Success: Decision making is fun!

Find alternative ways towards your dream job. There is not only one way to achieve what you aim for. Learning from role models, success stories and mentors will help you.

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1001 Ways helps you to find out, how you can reach your career goal.

You start answering two key questions:

  1. What profession do you want to have in the future? That defines your GOAL
  2. What is your starting point right now? That defines your START

Now the 1001 ways uses a database and shows you possible ways to get from your starting point to your goal position.


You can type in your skills and interests and possible goals are suggested to you.

The information is collected on an open platform: People with all backgrounds can join and provide their career steps as a role model and add additional information to a particular career path:

  • They can contribute as mentors,
  • link tutorial and lecture videos, 
  • give advice which skills are needed,
  • add a success story.

As a next step also companies could join and connect possible jobs and open positions to the career path.

You can collect information on

  • how you reach your goal
  • what skills you need
  • who can help you and be your mentor
  • which company has open positions on which path
  • which alternatives you can choose to find your dream job if the first path did not work out for you. This can motivate you, when the first application was not as successful as expected.
  • start getting prepared using the tutorial and lecture videos

The suggestion of alternative ways in reaching your goal motivates you to take decisions. You see at the same time: it´s not to late for a change. Even after having taken one decision you have plenty of opportunities left. So do not hesitate to start going.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

My concept helps people to find the right way to their career goal and suggests possible career goals according to interests and skills. - They learn from role models. - They get inspired by success stories - They can choose between different paths towards their goal. - They learn which skills are required on the particular career path. - Tutorial and lecture videos can be connected to the way to acquire the necessary knowledge. - Mentors can join the platform and connect them-selfs to a particular career path. Young people can contact them and find an agreement on a mentorship

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

A web-page with a data-base containing career path, role models, success stories, tutorial/lecture videos and mentors supports the career decision.

My Virtual Team

Everyone who contributed with Inspirations and who wants to join is very welcome to collaborate.


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Photo of Meena Kadri

I can imagine there also being a feature which gives various career options if you enter what skills / interests you have. While I think it's fine that some people get fixed on a particular profession it might also be valuable to help people think sideways about the multiple potential paths based on their skills / interests too? I never could have imagined my current job as Community Manager /Cross-pollinator on OpenIDEO – but perhaps if I put in skills / interests like design, social innovation, collaboration, social media, communications, etc – then Online Community Management may have come up for me on a site like this?

Photo of Sabine Kuznik

That is a great idea to add this component.
Making suggestions about potential jobs widen peoples mind and options. That is really helpful to use career path and success stories as possible role models. And to derive career suggestions from it.

The idea behind showing more than one way to reach a goal is meant to be as motivation to take decisions. Having so many options to choose from can be quite difficult as well. During the talks with a lot of friends about the next steps after graduation, there is often the concern of doing the wrong decision. So it would be very helpful to show that there is not only a right or a wrong decision but different ways to go.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Great thoughts, Sabine. Feel free to incorporate any feedback & new thoughts that you're keen on into your actual concept post to acknowledge your idea is evolving through these collaborative conversations. You can make updates to your entry at any time using the Update Entry button up there on the right.

Photo of Sabine Kuznik

Thank you for the feedback and the hints. Since this is my first challenge I´m still exploring the platform. And I really like it!