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"Without lamps, there would be no light" - Helping youth leverage their unique value proposition

Interactive platform to help youth recognize and leverage current skills and experiences as stories to relay on resumes and during interviews.

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The platform gives individuals insight to key skill sets employers are seeking in young hires. Many young people already have these skills, but have difficulty translating how their experiences meet employer expectations. 

Initially, users complete a self-assessment of their values and skills to begin their career exploration. A back end database of skill descriptions with desired competency levels organized by industry for entry level positions would then provide users with a visual (ex. spider chart) of where gaps exist. Example: Entry level bank teller would require basic financial understanding, ability to handle confidential information, and customer service skills. 

To assist users in deciding which positions they should pursue - tools would be available to introduce what careers are out there. There have been several great concepts posted that do exactly that.

The site then offers a something like the Toolbox concept to help individuals build their desired skill sets: Practicing computer skills, completing financial or other skill modules, building an elevator pitch and using your web camera to practice delivery, holding mock interviews and Q&A sessions with young professionals via Skype, etc. 

Many educational institutions have supported the benefits of journaling for motivation and providing focus. The site would provide a short weekly check-in entry to encourage young people to take a step back and evaluate what impacts they made, what inspired them, what goals they accomplished that week. Did that week's activities grow their skill sets, etc. Following each check-in will be a common interview question to answer (ex. Describe a time you worked in a team and how you contributed). The format would promote generating stories and using specific examples to support their responses.

The goal is to educate young workers how to communicate their unique value proposition. The platform could easily be integrated into a classroom setting with teachers offering additional guidance and support.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

The initial skills/values assessment will help educate young professionals on what careers exist and which might be a good fit for them. The skill development section will then hone those skills necessary to pursue those careers. By encouraging tracking weekly accomplishments and experiences young people will have a stronger bank of examples to leverage during their interviews and on resumes. Physically writing what inspired them and their goals will assist in validating what is truly important for longer-term career/life goals.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

I am envisioning the platform being primarily online, but there is also an opportunity for schools to take advantage of the platform as a classroom assignment. Teachers providing guidance and feedback on skill development and goals.

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Currently, the idea is simple, but there is an opportunity to expand the concept and pair with some of the other online tool concepts to enhance both offerings. Feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated!


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