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"Project-Practice" - a movement for youth to get project skills, inspired by sports practice

Combine the best of sports, non-profits and social entrepreneurship. "It takes a village to raise a child", well we can utilize a community to train young people in the project-management skills they need to succeed in any workplace.

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Combine the best of sports training, NGO's learning opportunities and social entrepreneurship drive. Spinning off partly from the concept " The sports team model of tactile education" the concept would utilize the great ability of young people to dedicate their free time to sports practice. We add the great capacity among university students and (young and older) adults to devote their spare time to volunteering and non-profit/pro-bono work. We combine the two with a common mission to give youth the tools of project management, community improvement and social entrepreneurship skills.

The concept would tap into skills, expertise and experience readily available in the community and transmit that knowledge to young people who need them. Collaboration eith local community groups, non-profits and sports teams could also help provide valuable workshop content.

The concept would focus on micro projects, where youth would constantly practice a full project cycle - from planning to design, implementation and reporting. A project could be completed during a single workshop (approx 2hrs) or a set of workshops (approx 3/week).

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

The concept serves to A) train young people in project management - a key skill in ANY 21century work (employed or self-employed). B) transmit already existing skills and expertise in a community to the young people who need them. C) create a valuable, dynamic and fun pastime for young people who may not be all into sports or have any other particular hobby that keeps them "on track". It would also be able to serve youth in the older teens who may have quit sports and aren't getting any useful leadership or skills training.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

The unique aspect of the concept is that it would opperate in the grey zones between existing programs, organizations and initiatives. That makes it different, yet resource effective - not reinventing wheels but rather empowering youth to assemble new vehicles using existing resources. Initial requirements to start up is minimal. A space to assemble - youth center, sports hall, class room or someones basement. A crucial aspect is of course building credibility among local youth to get them to join. Starting small, building alliances and trust would be a way to go. Starting with the kids you know and who trust you is also the best starting point. It is super flexible, being able to work on a small scale with a few kids and one dedicated trainer, up to a full scale city-wide endeavor partnering with local schools, non-profits and business establishments pooling together to engage youth in voluntary learning and coaching them in their project practice.


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Wonderful concept how would one learn more from you,i`want to impart the same to my community youths,
Thank you!

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