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Young Adult Mentor/Mentee Network

When you're looking for work, it can be easy to feel lost, directionless or like your search will never end. How can we assure young people there's light at the end of the tunnel? Match job seekers up with successful job 'attainers' for mentoring!

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When I was looking for work, it was easy to get down, feel depressed and wonder when my searching would end. Once I did finally get a job, I was able to look back on my experience and know that each lesson, each rejection, and each moment of my search had a purpose. Wouldn't it have been helpful if I could have gone back in time to tell my job searching self that it would all work out for the best?!

When reading through inspirations, I was struck by how it feels like there's a gap between young people looking for work, and young people who were able to successfully find work. We've talked about mentoring networks between young people and older generations, but what about peer-to-peer mentoring? How might we create some sort of matchmaking system that helps not only inspire young job seekers (with stories of success) but also exposes them to the tools, tactics and strategies that other young people made use of to get their jobs?

This mentorship network could start out small and local - perhaps matching up current students with young professionals who have recently graduated and are out in the working world. From there, we could take it even further and think about how we might tap into networks of students and young professionals to encourage and enable this kind of mentoring around the world.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

In addition to a local matchmaking/mentoring system, what if there was an online component that enabled young job seekers to connect with young professionals online? Mentoring could happen on Skype just as easily as it could happen at a cafe or school!

My Virtual Team

Thanks to Nina Birri for the build about an online portal to connect mentors and mentees.


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Great idea, my design program has peer counseling (partly because of budget cuts on staffing) and it's popular because students prefer talking to other design students about studio classes, portfolios, etc. Perhaps places like The Hub ( could host the meet-ups. Or perhaps there could be a Hub specifically for younger people.

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