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OpenIDEO Live! with Google Plus Hangouts on the Air!

Lets hangout to see and hear the the passion of OpenIDEO concept creators with others.

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OpenIDEO Challenges would be presented live through Google Plus Hangouts-On the Air. Inspired by Occupational Idol, OpenIDEO concepts for this and future Challenges could be presented by the concept's authors. 

The judges, contestants and moderators are in the live video chat room, with an unlimited number of viewers watching the "On the Air" Youtube video, from around the world as the concept is presented by it's creative and passionate designers. The hash tag feed from the audience is screaming chats of encouragement. The viewers are engaged clicking polls and surveys to show support and asking questions about the concept.  Invitations to watch and participate in the Hangout are sent out through Facebook, LinkedIn and other professional groups and potential employers who are looking for talent. Guest employers would be able to speak to the audience about their needs and thoughts as guidance to all.   

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

This will give students a chance to express themselves in front of a large audience. They would be interviewing as they do and connecting with employers. The audience(Hangout viewers) will hear tips from guest employers, and learn from each other. Friends can watch, learn and discuss together, online or in face to face meetings from classrooms or coffee shops.

What online or in-person components of your concept will best support this transition?

I am a newbee and not sure what to say here. This concept is definitely online but the audience can be group of students meeting together in or out of classroom, or anyplace from a laptop, tablet or just a smartphone(w 2 cams) with an internet connection and a cam.

My Virtual Team

I am looking for people from the OpenIDEO community who use or want to try out Google Plus and want to help develop the concept. Everyone is invited!

Inspired by (1)

Occupational Idol


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Which stage of the process (inspiring, concepting, applause, refinement, evaluation) do you think would make the best use of the capabilities and dynamics of the Google+ Hangouts?

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Thanks for your question Andrew!
Begin with concepting. This would be comparable to the initial tryouts on American Idol(This concept was inspired by the Occupational Idol concept). A person who has a concept presents it live using a hangout to a panel of judges. The role of the judges is not to eliminate, but to offer ideas to help build on the presenter's concept. It would be nice, not required, if the panel of judges were experienced IDEOers, with occasional celebrity guest rockstars from the design world. As Hangout events are live and recorded, the global audience can watch, learn, praise and comment on the live hangout chat stream, or asynchronously on the recorded Youtube in the comments section. This would be valuable to the concept presenter as they could watch themselves after the presentation and also see what judges and the larger Youtube audience thinks. Other OpenIDEOer's with concepts could watch, learn and build on cool things they learned while watching their predecessors.( I am a big fan of social learning) Concepts could be presented, for example, at up to 3 hangout events, giving presenters the opportunity to learn and present their improved concept. Right now, I am experimenting with creating a live hangout event from my cell phone to bring openideo concept hangout events into the field for live human interaction with the real world.

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