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Coworking spaces!

We believe that there is not a lack of good ideas in the world, but simply a lack of understanding of where, or who, to turn to to exploit those ideas. What is missing are affordable and sustainable spaces to transform those ideas into real projects.

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Today, the human being wants to connect with others, be active, collaborate, participate, feel part of something. While technology democratised and facilitated the creation of spaces, people want and need something more than a virtual connection. In this context comes a coworking space, a dynamic project, alive, real, in constant evolution.

A coworking space is a nest for co-creation and innovation, a company open to diverse professionals committed to the realisation of dreams.

A coworking space is more than just a physical space, it is a space for ideas, for people who are passionate, optimistic and courageous. A space for people that believe they can improve their lives, and thus change the world.

It is a meeting place aimed at generating synergies of multiple disciplines, a place for people willing to share and innovate in a multipurpose space. It is an office. A class. A workshop. A laboratory of innovation. A community. A coffee. The living room of your home. It is a platform that offers the space, infrastructure and support throught a community inspired, passionate and diverse. A community that recognises the difficulty of starting a business or career.

With coworking spaces we want to stir, inspire and awaken the creative potential that every human being has… and put it into action. It is not just shared desks. Tables are just a vehicle to create amazing experiences of work, expanding your opportunities.

How will your concept support young people as they transition into the world of work?

Is very simple. Enter... place yourself where you like, plug in your laptop, work, take the coffee break you want, if you are interested in a workshop sign up. We are designers, architects, web developers, programmers, photographers, engineers, writers, journalists, audiovisual producers, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, traders, accountants, translators, lawyers and more. When a person enters a coworking space they are committed to respecting the values and culture of individual space: the passions of others, they have a desire to transform the world into a better place through collaboration with other community members. Some of our members are based here full-time, while others use the space one day a week, to meet future colleagues or partners, attend classes, lectures and workshops, or simply work on their projects. In a coworking space you enlarge or reduce your structure and budget immediately and easily. You've got the control, you're free. We recognise the current need to offer flexible work spaces, but with design and quality, to improve the image and comfort of the worker, and consequently, productivity and development. It is not just an engine for development of individuals and new businesses, but also for the growth of the local economy of a city. Access to credit and capital are no longer the most important variables for business success. Innovation and creativity are the new catalysts for development.


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I really like this idea, since so many jobs can be done remotely this provides a great way for people to get the valuable input of "co-workers" to troubleshoot, and think through problems or projects without having actual co-workers and could be especially valuable to young people starting out freelancing.

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