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Why Microsoft And Google Are Backing The 22-Year-Old 'Italian Zuckerberg'

When the popular, reputable Italian financial magazine Panorama Economy placed then-20-year-old college student Matteo Achilli on its cover in March 2012 with the headline "Italian Zuckerberg," he became a media sensation. Soon every major Italian news outlet wanted to cover the kid who'd started a professional networking website called Egomnia. Egomnia — its name a portmanteau of ego, "self," and omnia, "everything" — a site that arranges users' online resumes, much like LinkedIn does currently has over 700 Italian companies, including multinationals like Vodafone and Generali, and 330,000 job seekers registered.

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Interesting to see success stories and role models especially from Italy, which, as depicted in the Business Insider article, has chronic problems with youth unemployment:

"If Achilli were just another 22-year-old American with a social networking startup, few would have noticed him. But because he lives in a country with an unemployment rate of 12.6% — twice that of the U.S. — where over 40% of people ages 24 to 35 struggle to find jobs, the fact that he's a charismatic young guy with a job-search platform has made him a symbol of growth for Italy's lagging tech startup scene."

My summary above was adapted from Business Insider article by Richard Feloni [1].

Egomnia [2] has also been featured by BBC News [3] and TechCrunch [4].

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